The Buddhified Business Podcast

#2: Mindfulness vs Business Mindset, ft. Susie Jackson

October 07, 2019 Nicole König / Susie Jackson
The Buddhified Business Podcast
#2: Mindfulness vs Business Mindset, ft. Susie Jackson
The Buddhified Business Podcast
#2: Mindfulness vs Business Mindset, ft. Susie Jackson
Oct 07, 2019
Nicole König / Susie Jackson

You're building something from nothing - hats off to you!
Being an entrepreneur means you're capital-B Busy.

  • How could mindfulness improve how you wear and WIN your 17 entrepreneur hats?
  • How does Mindfulness connect to a Business Mindset?
  • How do you set goals don’t feel random or like they're plucked from the air for the sake of it?
  • How do you stay motivated to work towards your dreams?
  • Life gets busy. How can you make sure you find the time to work towards your goals when there’s so much other stuff going on?

Translator and copywriter Susie Jackson, UK native, part-time Mexican, joins me for a candid chat and shares how she links mindfulness with a business mindset.

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Show Notes Transcript

You're building something from nothing - hats off to you!
Being an entrepreneur means you're capital-B Busy.

  • How could mindfulness improve how you wear and WIN your 17 entrepreneur hats?
  • How does Mindfulness connect to a Business Mindset?
  • How do you set goals don’t feel random or like they're plucked from the air for the sake of it?
  • How do you stay motivated to work towards your dreams?
  • Life gets busy. How can you make sure you find the time to work towards your goals when there’s so much other stuff going on?

Translator and copywriter Susie Jackson, UK native, part-time Mexican, joins me for a candid chat and shares how she links mindfulness with a business mindset.

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spk_0:   0:11
Hello there. My name is Nick Call, and it's so nice to meet you. Welcome to the beautified Podcast. Episode two. Mindfulness versus a Business Might Set. It's a topic that's really close to my heart, and I'm beyond happy to share airspace today with a cherished colleague of mine. Her name is Suzie Jackson. She's a freelance translation project manager, a Spanish to English translator and an English copy editor. She's also the organist Feel answer. Providing tools, Resource Is and a mentoring programme to help fellow freelancers taken all their onto in your heads. Susie's a chocoholic like me across a addict and an animal lover, shedding home with money and two cats also. And this came up after we finished recording this session. Susan, I share Syria's passion for all things Teal yes, colour and I want to show it. So raise your hand up here with us on that one on a more serious note or, you know, semi Syria's Susie's, based in the UK but spends lots of times in Mexico with her partner. One of her favourite things about being a freelancer is the flexibility to work from wherever she likes. I love having Susie on the show. And before we dive in, let me point you towards the show. Notes. Additional information and the bonus resource is with love from Susie and mean to you. Find all of them when you visit. Do decide dot com forward slash two digit. Let's dive into today's topic. Mindfulness versus a businessman said All right. Okay, so there's a welcome to the show. I already introduced you. Um we're talking about mindfulness versus the business mindset today, but I'm really doesn't with the same three questions asked every guest, You know, I'm just noise like that. So first question would be how do you drink your coffee?

spk_1:   2:46
Um Well, first of all, hi, Nickle. I actually don't like coffee at all. Really? So good. But I'm a very good Britt and I drink about four or five cups of English breakfast tea with milk every day. That's my kind of drink of choice. But I do like to change it up occasionally on DH Some of my favourite alternatives Ah l grey or minty as well, which discovered recently that you can get Peckham nt and spare mitty.

spk_0:   3:14
Oh, did you know this? No, I would have to say, I was going to say that I am. You will think me an absolute I don't know something now because I will tell you that I love English breakfast tea with milk and a dash of honey and cinnamon. And if I don't have it, I would use a grea t into the same thing and just things. It's almost the same thing to me. Well, I find

spk_1:   3:36
the old grey a lot more fragrant. Oh, okay. CC, I find

spk_0:   3:41
time. That's the one. Yeah. Maybe because

spk_1:   3:45
you add the cinnamon and honey, maybe that kind of mask the flavour of the actual tea. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. But I find that a country too much old breaks I find a bit too fragrant where his English breakfast is just more of a plane, you know,

spk_0:   3:58
very smooth, right? Yeah. Yeah, it's very smooth. So Yeah. Okay. So whenever I'm sick or, you know, usually in the winter, I kind of tried to wean off coffee line, But I'm so addicted to caffeine. So usually the one Thai women have offered in the bed and tried to stick with one one espresso in the morning and then throughout the day. I just have English breakfast ing. I love it, but, you know, espresso shots to keep me going. So Hee, So you have no coffee whatsoever?

spk_1:   4:27
No, no, I don't like it. And actually, my partner is the same. Neither of us drinks coffee, so we don't really have coffee in the house. And then when we have people to stay there like, Oh, can I have a coffee? And I actually have any Really

spk_0:   4:39
cool, I think like I salute Teo. I've been hung up on off on off that train for a long time, so I'm you know, I'm really happy that there's the people out there who make it through the day without any coffee. Yeah. Yeah,

spk_1:   4:53
I am one of them.

spk_0:   4:55
Okay, some question number two. What does your morning what you look like. Yeah. So this is something

spk_1:   5:02
that I've tried to be more consistent with over the last few months. I think I tried to wake up at a route around 6 a.m. every day, or at least weekdays. You know, weekends can vary a bit, but weekdays try to wake up at around six AM on I go to the gym on time. Really lucky that there's a gym that's about a 10 minute walk from my house. So I have literally no excuses for not going. Have it. So I get up, I go to the gym. I do about a 30 minute workout while I listened to a podcast, and that's usually something to inspire me. You'll give me tips of my business. I've listened to this podcast wall at the gym

spk_0:   5:38
and some of the other ones. Yeah,

spk_1:   5:41
one of my favourites is, for example, the gold Digger podcast by culture. Yes, Yeah, And then Amy Porter Fields. Oh, yeah, Online marketing made easy poker. So I have a range of podcast that I listened to. And so I generally get to listen to about five a day, not five. Sorry. Five a week, depending on the length. But yes, I do about a 30 minute workout, and then I come home on. I spent a few minutes writing in my journal before then getting showered and dressed and ready to start my workday. Oh, I

spk_0:   6:09
love that. Like that's like a perfect morning. I mean, you know, I tried to walk the dog every morning and, you know, try to do that. I started doing that. I'm on and off with that to better stuff. To do that without any anything like audio, so congested. Be in the moment. I have, like a meditation that goes, like, seven minutes or so, like so into the water, and then I stop it. It's just a short mutation. Andan. I do the rest of the work, you know, without anything in my ears, but it's It's hard, like, even though I'm a like an early riser, like getting out there and going to the gym and actually doing it. That's minute heads off. Teo E. Used to

spk_1:   6:49
hate the Jim have to say like until about six months ago, I never went to the gym. I was just like, Oh, it's so boring. Why would I do that? I'd rather just go for a walk or go for a run or something where I can be outside and see things. But actually, I found that since listening to podcasts well at the gym, I love it like it's motivation to go, because I know I get to listen to a podcast when I get there. Um I only do 30 minutes, you know, like it's not a super hard core workout or anything like that. It's just to kind of get my body moving every day, and I think it's definitely a habit. So yes, or I do it the easier it becomes.

spk_0:   7:21
Definitely, I was going to ask, Did you, like, actually built a habit for you consciously do it for yourself, You know, to let yourself care self love the whole thing.

spk_1:   7:29
Yeah, exactly. And I feel so much better when I do it. Like sometimes there are days when I don't have time to go to the gym. You know, I'm really swamped with work or or whatever like, but I definitely noticed when I don't get to go, I feel I feel so much better when I go. And actually, I find that the times when I'm really busy with work at the times when I need to go because I spent so much time sitting at my desk that it does mean so much good to kind of get up and stretch and actually move my body. Otherwise, I just, you know, I get back problems and all kinds of things were sitting too much, but I find it. This is really, really good for me. I think I actually

spk_0:   8:05
love that. You're mentioning that it's, you know, it's not 100% thing, even though we know it's the best there is for us, right? Um, yeah, yes, we are recorded with Crystal Fighting or another colleague of ours, Andi talk about money. But he's because that's how we read into the show. And we both mentioned that it's like like good times a 2nd 80% weeks off, four or five. There might be another person out there, but you know that, of course, there weeks it went. Where? Michael. Three out of five, or maybe just too out of it. But I feel that it's not. It's like I should feel that striving for forgoing everyday is the right thing to do. It's just so much better for and she said, this ain't with it. Same thing she has, Ah, small, a small girl, the girl and the small child. And she you know she's supervising the morning Ken Reserve is in mourning, so trying to make time for herself is like up there, but sometimes just doable. Andi love that You also open and honest about it. And just say this. We do this what feels good for us. But nobody's perfect. We're all human and no one can get you right. And, you know, you should make yourself today, Auntie. But it's always doable or mention.

spk_1:   9:10
Yeah, totally. And I think that the important thing is recognising that Yes, there will be times when you cannot do what you say you do every day or, you know, cannot fulfil that habit, that particular date. But the important thing is, then the next day, making sure you do it, Yes. Get back into that habit as soon as you can. Yes, because otherwise it gets harder and harder and harder the longer you leave it, so yeah,

spk_0:   9:33
Absolutely. I love that. Okay, so question How much? Member Three. How do you practise mindfulness in your day to day

spk_1:   9:41
s O? I mentioned that I spent a few minutes write in my journal. When I get back from the gym each morning, my morning journaling practise involves just spending first of all, spending a few minutes on gratitude. And this is something that I actually were a blood post for you about a month or so ago. Yeah, it's already up and running if you want to cheque it out, guys, it's

spk_0:   10:01
on businesses that come and, you know, just go to block section and it's against post by. Bye, Susie on credit. Journaling. And I love it. It's government, really get great feedback. So thank you for the good. You

spk_1:   10:12
know, I'm so glad. So the first thing I do when I open my general is I write out five things that I felt grateful for in the last 24 hours. And I know they're different ways that people do this. You know, everyone has a different process that they go through. For some people, it's it's more of, ah free flowing thing, but I find it really useful to just have this prompt, you know? Okay, Come up with five things. Five short sentences off things that I have felt grateful for in the last 24 hours. And that also helps to make sure that these things that kind of different every day, because I think, yes, you can write big, overarching things like I am healthy eel. You know, things that apply to your life generally, but I find I get real pleasure from thinking of things from the last 24 hours. Small things, you know, like, Oh, one of my cats came and snuggled on my lap while I was working And, you know, it was just like a really nice feeling or a dinner that I had with my partner's family the night before. Or, you know, very specific things from the last 24 hours. And I do, of course, find that there are overlapping themes that come up again and again. But at least the wording and the very specific thing I'm talking about that I'm writing is is different. Um, so that's how I start, and I find that that's a great way to get me into a positive mindset for the day. And then I move on to my dreams, my goals, my priorities, which is what we're going to talk about later in this conversation. That's my my journal in practise. But then I also just tried to be really conscious about my thoughts and emotions. Got as I go through the day s o I. I love yoga on my yoga teacher in Mexico has this saying, which I'm not gonna be able to translate eloquently into English so I'll say it in Spanish and then I'll explain what it means. But this body vanishes. Ah, look at my choke up Magica, Andi. That basically means that when something bothers or upsets me, I should use that as a prompts to look at myself in this Tess. Why, that is and what's really going on with me. So not just assumed that the person who's upsetting me is to blame, because actually, it's something within me that's making me react that way. So what they're saying, I love that. That's really yeah, it's really wise. The first time, she said, I was like Oh my gosh, mind blown

spk_0:   12:32
through a podcast with doctor Marina Bruni, who shared her awareness mirroring responsibility for three s towards stopping to second guess yourself. I think it goes into the same direction, right? It's got that same that same spot. It's it's such a such a I don't know, new horizon off dealing with with everyday life. Basically, yeah, I think it's

spk_1:   12:56
just about being really conscious, your own mental processes. That's what science

spk_0:   13:01
is all about in the end, right? Exactly. Yeah. Even to enjoy your life and really desert between your brain driving you crazy on and you know, things that actually happening. And things I actually met her and that you actually, you know, when I wanted, you know, put energy into it and, you know, focus into

spk_1:   13:20
Yeah, totally. And it does take a while to get used to doing its not just like a switch where you turn it on, and then you could instantly do it. I think it's a process, Um, but I'm getting better at it, and I do have this tendency to get a bit defensive when I'm criticised. So I'm trying to practise, says when I feel myself getting defensive, you know? And it's amazing how much you can actually learn about yourself when you acknowledge what's bothering you rather than just being angry at someone else. Yes,

spk_0:   13:46
E u E.

spk_1:   13:50
I wanted to mention about another podcast that I listened to you and the name. Unfortunately, I can't say the name without swearing so promises

spk_0:   14:01
before winning session. She could send them because I love, I love. I haven't checked it out yet, but I will definitely So if you have kids around or, you know, if you like, in a sense of environment, this is the point where you hit, pause our plug in the headphones and join us back when you were bio are itself and not minding the language. Right, Because just the name of the podcast. Yes, you go.

spk_1:   14:24
So it's called the oh shit kit, which Yeah, see, I can say without swearing, but the actual podcast itself, they due to air quite a bit. So also not one to listen to when you have Children around. But it's all about mental health on DH kind of developing the tools And yeah, the tools that you need to to help deal with your emotions and your mental state when you're going through a difficult time. So the kind of theme of the podcast is something that I love. I'm really, really passionate about mental health on Dean. One of their episodes. They talk about how to reframe your thoughts when you have a strong negative emotion on their Web site. On the page for that particular episode, they've got a free worksheet that you can download, which kind of helps you so when you feel a strong negative emotion, you write thie emotion, and then you kind of right the thoughts that immediately follow the emotion. And it's just kind of it helps you figure out that process for becoming more conscious about about how you think and how you feel. So, you know, I think we can

spk_0:   15:31
really do all that. You know what? We will do this. This proposed thiss parkers ever, of course, will have its own page on the beautified website. Right. So we'll ask that link to your to the list of three sources Um, Jeff and people can, you know, just cheque it out on DH, go there and if they needed, you know, downloaded and use of or cheat and everything. All the goodness that you brought me to his episode. Oh, thank you so much for sharing that with us. We definitely should cheque out the park. It's because I think it's a a. I love the name Theo, and I think it's a really it's a topic that's so, so, so important. Um, enough that someone actually, you know, taking it and turn that into podcasts and making that available to everyone.

spk_1:   16:14
Yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. Thank you

spk_0:   16:18
for Shang. It's okay. So let's time to the conversation again today we're talking about mindfulness versus a business mind said, um and before I like, bombard you with questions, let me ask you why Why? I said that Like something you you know that that's as close to you. Why they want to talk about office.

spk_1:   16:39
Well, So I've always been aware that I should have goals. You know, goals for my life goes to my business. And I think I've always I've always recognised that and said, Yes, goals are very important. You know, without goals. You can't measure your progress. You You know, if you don't know where you're going, you'll just wander aimlessly in you and actually achieve anything. So I always acknowledged okay, goals is super important. And, you know, I took people's recommendations. You know, gold should be smart. So specific, measurable, achievable, realistic time. Um and I think I was like, Yes, I need to set some goals. And then when it actually came to the prices of setting goals, I was a bit like, But how do I figure out what I want? Those goals to be on whenever I want. You know, whenever anyone asked me, like, what's a dream you have for your life? I never knew what to say. And I think that's probably a problem that I hope it's not just me that had that problem. You don't know e on. So I would kind of pluck these random goals out of the air because I thought, you know, that's something that people would approve up was a goal, you know? And then when I was working towards them, if I didn't achieve them, it would sort of in my mind it be like, Okay, well, it doesn't matter that I didn't achieve them because they weren't actually that relevant to my life. Yes, you know. So I really the challenge for me was to learn to set goals both for my life, after my business, that I actually felt inspired and motivated to achieve. I love that, I think. And

spk_0:   18:09
I think that feeling that, you know, someone so kind off putting on the spot and actually Okay, so your business, your business, maybe quote unquote your business. That's the worst kind of people write like this. Yeah. Witness on that kind of Okay, So what I have goes and you're like, Well, I'm super. You think? Well, I'm super happy where I am right now. Kind of development. Grow that further. But, you know, then you have to kind of flux something out of the air, Kind of. I don't know the feeling and, you know, thank you for being so open with us about this. Okay, so so that was your process into where you are now. You know, today How do you set goals for your business and your life that, you know, don't kill Brandon and actually mean something for you? For you?

spk_1:   18:52
Yeah, well, I think this all started. I started to figure this out when I started to follow Rachel Hollis on Social. Yeah, and I started reading her books on. So the process that I go through it is kind of roughly based on what she what she does and the process that she kind of tells people about. But I have made tweaks and kind of made it my own. So it is sort of, ah, five step process, and I've there'll be a graphic. That kind of shows this five step process that's available on the page for this episode. So the first step is gratitude. Which kind of gets you into the right frame of mind to be able to kind of set the goals that tie in with with what you want for your life. So 1st 1st up, gratitude, as I've already explained, Next up, it's kind of a visual isation and imagining in detail what you want your life to look like. 10 years from now. Um, I'll go into more detail about this in a minute from that visual isation. You then write down some statements that would have to come true if your life were gonna be how you imagined. And then from those statements, you then pick one and set a goal that will get you closer to achieving it. Um, And then each day what I do is a CZ Part of my journal in practise is I write down my priorities for the day with that goal in mind. So you know what I'm I going to do today toe work towards it? Um, so, yeah, to kind of go into this in a bit more detail. The first. The first thing about the visualisation. People might think all that's on super like

spk_0:   20:28
way. I love that. We're spreading the word and it's not a new thing, right? It's actually something that's basically preparing your mind, Mind for success. And I learned that my tits so, so vital and everything you do. So yeah, absolutely. So if okay, if listeners are struggling with unusual isation, I'm here with you. I like, you know. What should I do?

spk_1:   20:52
Well, okay, so I think listeners now, if they you know, it's like you're not driving or something. I would, I would say, right. Close your eyes. Don't do this If you're driving, are doing, you know, operating machinery or anything that could go horribly wrong. But if you're able to close your eyes number, okay? And just think right 10 years from now, how old will you be? Picture yourself at that age on Pictured the best version of yourself. Okay, so then I want you to get really detailed about what you're imagining, You know, um I think about festival. Where are you? What is around you in that scene that you're imagining? Then think about who is with you. You know who who's around you. Who? The people in your life. What do you look like? How do you make money? What? Your overriding emotions. Are you happy? What are your priorities? What is the most important thing for you? You know, what sort of food do you consume? How do you treat and speak to people? How do you go about your day? So you think through these kinds of questions and just spend a few minutes Just imagining that scene The best version of yourself 10 years from now, I think this is the perfect time to do this exercise. You can open your eyes now, By the way, if you still have your eyes closed, this's kind of like the perfect time to do this exercise because we're approaching the end of a decade. Someone said that to me recently that were, you know, with 94 next decade yet exactly this is absolutely crazy. And I think backto what I was doing a decade ago. Yes. And how much my life has changed? Yes. So I think you know, this is a really powerful exercise to do, to think OK, well, this time in 10 years, where do I want to be. What do I want to have achieved by that point? You know, um

spk_0:   22:57
let me. Okay. Before we move on, let me just tell you to quit things for us. Just listen to you when you said close your eyes and actually went along with it and really, like, just the first question I didn't even try. I was just, like, you know, doing the motions. But it was I was immediately like, seeing something and smiling this crappy right that that's so strong, That stuff we just

spk_1:   23:19
hit it really is powerful

spk_0:   23:20
followed you into your brain. I was immediately seeing myself walking down like a passel, all right? With you listening to the ocean, going to books or just kind of following you. You know, this is not in a meditation exercise, anything. But I was actually following along, and I felt like that's my thing so hard. So this is crazy. Okay, guys. So if you if you need Teo while you're listening to this hit, rewind and go into it again and try to follow suit these through these, you know, invitation to kind of picture paint a picture for yourself in 10 years time. Okay, now, next step. Why should we write down our dreams as if they're already reality?

spk_1:   24:01
So there's kind of this theory that if you write things down as if they're already happened, it's sorry if they've already happened, then they're more likely to happen. And it's this whole theory of, you know, affirmation. Got it. So if you're right, let's imagine that you've just written down everything that you, you visualised, right? And you've you've done a whole essay about the picture that you saw in your brain and written it all down. And then you kind of picked out 10 things that would have to happen in order for that visual isation to actually become reality, right? So pick out 10 things and write them down. But if you write them down like their items on your to do list, okay, then there's a real chance that they'll get swallowed up by other things on your to do list, and then you'll never get around to them. You know, I'm sure you know the feeling of the ever growing to do list, like impossible to handle, right? So if you write them down like that is if you need to achieve them, then it can feel a bit overwhelming, like there's just too much like, No, there's no way I'm gonna be able to get

spk_0:   25:05
all of this stuff.

spk_1:   25:06
But if you write them down as if they've already happened, what I do is every morning as part of my journal in practise, I write out these 10 statements. So a couple of examples of mine, for example, I am a loving and supportive partner. Okay, so these 10 things they don't necessarily have to be income goals or, you know, things that are measurable. But they have to be things that you, you know the

spk_0:   25:35
ways to be. Yeah, and the rest has away from from where you are today, right? It's It's an information kind of thing,

spk_1:   25:42
right? Exactly. And it's a daily thing. So every day I write down these things and it just makes me conscious that OK, today I want to be a loving and supportive loving, a supportive partner, you know, another one is I am patient and kind with everyone. Yes, right so and then I obviously I have goals for my business. Among that list of 10 so it's Noel Personal. It's not. Business is kind of a mix, and I think that's where this whole mindfulness versus business mindset thing comes in is like tying the two together so that you're so much more inspired to achieve the things to your business because they go hand in hand with what you want for your life as well. So, you know, I also have income goals, but I write them down in the way, you know, as if they are already true. So I already own expert month or, you know, just make sure that it's a really positive, strong statement. Yeah, um, and once you've got those 10 things, like I said just every morning or whenever you managed to do this journal in practise or you know what's a week or whenever you're you're sitting down and you've got some time for yourself off. When you get to think about these things, just write those 10 things out, and the process of writing them out again and again and again will increase your confidence in your ability to achieve them. That's so

spk_0:   26:59
you have that. That's what you think. And since you're sitting on yourself, you're like There's no one from the outside kind of pushing you right. You're just kind of exactly you having that big green for yourself for your happiest best life. And you're kind of making what I try to do is live every day and make every choice I make. Make that in alignment with, you know, my big dream, and we want to be 10 years from now. Precious money. Yeah, right. So that's that's kind of like the same shoe, right? So So I really love that. Could could you just close your eyes? Is thinking that it's you really black, like, Blew my mind right now, but I'm still a bit out of it. Okay. Okay. So the reason should write on your team says that the reality is that you wantto add them to your list off to deuce. Right? You don't have overwhelmed yourself even more. You don't want them to get lost in the rubble of the every day. You want them to be, like, on the back of your mind in your sub countries, almost guiding you towards where you want to be and who you wanna be. Yeah. Is that about it? I'm glad I'm happy I got it. Okay. But you mentioned that you that some from you know, all those things. You just down in the morning, you pick one gold toe work towards, you know, on that day at that time. Why

spk_1:   28:23
is that? Yes. Yeah, well, I think that if you've got too many things that you try to work towards all at the same time, you won't actually be able to make much progress towards any of them. I heard someone, um, giving the analogy ofthe lake. And if you throw lots of little pebbles into a lake, it's not really going to make any difference to the level of the water. But if you throw one big boulder into the lake, it's gonna create a huge splash on a ripple effect. Yes. So the idea of this with your goals is if you pick one thing that you're gonna focus on, you can really focus on it. You could make real progress, and then when you achieve it, you'll have the momentum to then move on to the next thing and achieve that too, rather than having loads of things that you're working towards and not being able to focus on anything in your mind constantly jumping from thing to thing. Just pick one and run with it. So you would pick one of those 10 statements that you wrote down and say, OK, that is gonna be my focus that I want to achieve first. So that could be something for your life. Or it could be something for your business. Doesn't doesn't matter, but just pick, you know, pick one. So let's say your goal is your income go right. That's the statement that you picked. Then the one goal that you set that you're going to focus on should be something that will get you closer to that coming true. So if you think that you know neech ng down in your business, which I know something that you love to talk radical, if you think that that is something that will help you to increase your income, then pick that as your one goal. You're gonna focus on, you know, get really clear on who my ideal client is. You know, that could be the first goal that you choose to focus on. Once you've done that, you'll have some momentum and you can pick another one. Um, so that's kind of the idea behind this. This part of the process is just picking one thing and focusing on it.

spk_0:   30:20
And I'd like to ask you at this point, you know, just maybe cleared up for for listeners. I know that. You know, every time I talk about mission down in love I love the extent of my aunt, and this is something I'd love to know. That right now is as you as you put it right now, it doesn't feel like if that's one of your goals. And that's the goal. When a focus on first and foremost it doesn't you now, you know, seize every time two e mails, let everything I and run off down, right? It's just that with every decision you make is is like you, you weigh your options and you say Okay, what would we do? The wise decision here to get closer to that goal, right?

spk_1:   30:59
Yeah, absolutely. Could be there. It's not saying

spk_0:   31:01
that they could be doing burned the midnight oil, all practise self care and sleep through the night. And, you know, go ahead again tomorrow. So any kind of thing that could be your You're in the back of your mind. Your little boy saying, OK, this is where you wanna go. He's smart about it.

spk_1:   31:16
Yeah, absolutely. And the final step in the process is actually setting your priorities for each day. And it should. Those priority should always be guided by that one goal that you're focusing on at the moment. And that's not to say that that goal is gonna be achieved today. You know, it might be in a week. It might be in a month. It might be in six months. It I'm not saying, you know, you're setting this goal and you have to do it today and then tomorrow you'll have another one. I'm just saying, like, this should be the guiding thing that that you refer to when you're trying to make decisions. So the last thing that I do in the morning as I set my priorities for the day and these I said no more than three, right? So I have my to do list. Everyone has that to do list. Probably. I have my to do list has got loads of tiny things on it that need to get done or whatever. But in the morning, when I'm writing down my priorities, I use that one goal to guide me in thinking. Okay, What do I want to get done today so that if I achieve nothing else, I will still be able to view. This day is having been successful on productive

spk_0:   32:19
and closer to your goal. So, yes, it's just one step. Oh, I love that. I love that so much. Can you give life or can you give a listening for instance? So let's stay with the example for off, okay? I want to be financially independent and free, eh? So I know that I thought you picked that example by S O. I know that meeting down is going to get me closer to that. I'm what would what could be like your three pac priorities for the day?

spk_1:   32:47
Well, I said three. I would say maximum three. It depends on the kind of the size of what it is you're writing down. So sometimes I write down one thing, right? But yeah, if we take this example So needing down is the goal, you know, getting really clear on how your ideal client is. I might say Priority number one today is Teo. Look back over the clients that I've worked with in the last year on DH. Note down any, you know, common features that they have between them. You know, that could be one thing. So that's not necessarily gonna take me a massive amount of time to do on. If I achieve that, then I can move on to the other things that I need to get done that day. But I would say, you know, have that in your mind is OK, This is something that I really want to do today, and I'm going to do it before I then do anything else that spending on my to do list because this is important to me and it's getting me closer

spk_0:   33:43
to my goal. So even if the rest the day is is you know you're a project, your usual online, you answer, Who does intimate If show me Andi can feel like you. You spent hours and hours. I was in the office, but there's not not nothing. Will you walk away with it if you like? OK, directly. It's just business as usual, but you have this one thing that you did in the beginning, before even side of doing all the rest of it. And that got you closer to your goal into your dreams.

spk_1:   34:10
Exactly. And I think if you know that you've got a really busy day ahead, then you just write down one priority in the morning, you know? But if you've got a day where you've got a bit more time to yourself and you no, got too many client projects to work on and not too many things on your to do list, well, then write down more things. You know, be realistic about what you think you have the time to achieve. Just make sure you do it first. I heard something recently where someone said, Email is someone else's agenda s so anything that public brain, something that's on someone else's to do list. So if you spend the most productive hours of your day responding to emails, yes, you are helping other people for Phil, what's on their agenda rather than what's on your own? Yes, So I tried to kind of guide my day by this. So I start off by The thing that I've said is priority number one before I even, like, go through all my e mails. You know, I do cuss and I over over emails. And if there's someone has come in that super urgent, then okay, I will reply. But most things really could wait. You don't need to reply to them instantly. First thing in the morning. So this is kind of how I try to set up my day. I I focus on what my priorities are before I ever then start just responding to emails that really no urgent and information that other people have asked for. Or, you know, just make decisions about how you set up your day based on water priorities for you on what will get you closer to your goals and eventually your dreams for your life.

spk_0:   35:47
And I think that's just such a such a like mind blowing tip also towards not getting lost in the light. When you build a business, you can get lost in the motions, right? You can really, like, lose yourself in that day today and then you look back like a year ago, two years ago, and you don't really feel the traction right? Get on your feeling moved along the path, and I feel that way when you really put something like, even if it's a tiny, tiny task into your day that gets you closer to that goal, whatever that might be for you, then looking back a year, come back a month, even can make you see. OK, it's been a month, and I've taken these 20 steps towards what I want to be, and that's amazing. I mean, that's that's that's such a huge I mean, on both sets on business meant Avenel mindfulness, right, because you did something for yourself. They're getting closer to your most meaningful and best muscle for life.

spk_1:   36:41
Yeah, totally. And going through this process of setting the goals and also the daily practise of writing things out is self care as well. It's taking time for yourself, yes, to focus on what's really important to you on. Actually, I so look forward to those. I mean, it's only 10 minutes that I spend in the morning, but I so look forward to those 10 minutes to myself in the morning, just writing in my journal, focusing on the things that are important to me when I don't get time to do it. Which does happen occasionally. Although I try to do every day when I don't get the time, I really miss it, you know? Yes.

spk_0:   37:12
Absolutely a point. Do you? Did you ever Did you listen to the pockets? The coffee are we did way back when I think was May or something with Joan Arden and Oh, I forgot Luna and someone else. Crystal was there? Yes, Got obsessional woman. So there's a few way talked about the different ways to go about it. And we realised everyone does it differently. But But we all have in common is that they move something inside us. And it's good to just even if it's just 10 minutes to really sit down and be in the here and now and we say, OK, this is me. This is who I am right now where I am in my, you know, on my journey right now. And this is where I wanna go on make it super clear for yourself. And I think that helps to align that all the other other crap. Sometimes we can't even get consciously, right. Yeah, actually, thank you for sharing so openly This is amazing. You know,

spk_1:   38:13
you're welcome. I'm really enjoying it.

spk_0:   38:16
Um, okay. You want to say something?

spk_1:   38:18
Um, yes. What was he gonna say? Oh, yeah, I'm just that I think, you know, some people may think Oh, you know, taking some time for yourself to do this, it's sit down. That's kind of selfish, you know, especially if you've got Children or whatever. It's very difficult to find the time, but I just I think it is so important if you can do it. I mean, obviously there are some people who are single parents where it's really, really difficult to get any time for yourself and things like that. So everyone's different, and everyone has to find a way to do this in a way that fits in with their life. Right. But I think that it can make such a difference to your mental state if you just take a little bit of time to do this for yourself. Um, but I also think it's so much easier to work towards your goals if you have good habits and live a healthy lifestyle, right? Generally, like if you if you are disciplined with yourself and you you're in the habit of doing things regularly, you know? So this is just another one of those things. And there's another another resource that I wanted to mention, which is Theis called the Last 90 Days Challenge. Oh, yes.

spk_0:   39:19
Alert this. These talk about that? Yeah.

spk_1:   39:22
Yeah. So I think by the time this this episode goes live, it will have already started. But I think that everyone could sign up anyway on bits being run by Rachel Hollister's company. I mentioned her earlier. It's a free challenge. And basically, um, it focuses around supporting you to achieve your what she calls five to thrive every single day. So these are five things that if you get into the habit of doing them every day, you'll be way more disciplined with yourself, so that by the time the end of the year comes around and you're setting your New Year's resolutions or your goals for the coming year, what, however you want to read it, you'll already be disciplined and be in the habit of doing things for yourself so they will become so much easier to actually kind of stick to things as I am acting

spk_0:   40:07
to the resource is paid for this podcast episode. So great. So you have access to that? Definitely. Okay, um, all those tips and all those insights, it's so, so, so great to Suzie. But I know we have a lot of people listening to us who are entrepreneurs Way are the business of people, right? Yes. Oh, I think one of the most vital takeaways we can, you know, just offer them is how can you make sure you find the time to work towards your goals and be good to yourself and do all those things we just talked about when there's so much other stuff going on in your life, in your business,

spk_1:   40:45
everything. Yeah, I think it ties into a few things that I've already mentioned. You know, I said, write the beginning that on the days when I don't go to the gym because I'm super busy, I suffer for it because I spend so much time sitting on. It's partly about recognising that that even when you're really, really busy, your number one priority should be your own health and wellness.

spk_0:   41:06
Oh, yes. Hallelujah that Simply say it again, E. Even

spk_1:   41:12
when you're super super busy with work. Your number one priority should be your own health and wellness. Yes, so it's about making sure that you make enough time every day. And it

spk_0:   41:22
doesn't have to

spk_1:   41:23
be much. You know, you could be a 20 minute walk. Oh, there anything that you genuinely have time for. I'm just making sure that you fit that into a day. And then I think that in terms of making progress towards your goals, it's so much easier to be kind of motivated to do it if they are goals that you feel some kind of resonance with that what you know, you feel that they are relevant to your life and relevance to the things that you actually want to achieve, which is why it goes back to what I'm saying at the beginning, rather than just setting arbitrary goals where you feel like you've just put them out there and they're not really relevant to you. But you're going to say that you'll go. You know, when you have calls like that, it's not very inspiring. You don't want to make the time for it, but if you go through this process and figure out what you actually want to achieve in the next 10 years and how you're going to get there and then every day you right down, just maybe just one thing that you could do to get you close at that particular day, it becomes so much more manageable, you know, breaking it down into bite size chunks. And there will be days where you could only manage to Do you know one thing to Would you go? And it might only be a 15 minute thing because you're so busy with other stuff. But all of us can afford 15 minutes. You don't know about you, but I spend like and our scrolling through social media is just

spk_0:   42:38
because I procrastinated. I won't admit to that, but yes, let's Everyone can spare 15 minutes exactly like, let's just

spk_1:   42:49
say I mean, you have to get up from your desk to go and get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. As we're discussing at the beginning of the episode, like while the kettle's boiling, why not do something rather than just standing there waiting for it? Why not do something that will get you question? Because I mean we could all afford a few minutes here in there. So I think it's just important to recognise that you do have time. And actually you will make time for the things that are really important to you. Okay? And

spk_0:   43:15
that's like the second thing I would like you to just repeat loudly and clearly for everyone's listening

spk_1:   43:21
that it's important to make time for the things that already that really matter to you. And I think if you make

spk_0:   43:27
yourself a priority, you will make time for yourself. Exactly. And I think with that comes a realisation. Or maybe that comes before that. You know, whatever whatever works for you that that's not weird or anything, because even if you all business and if you're, you know, straight shooter, all that other stuff is like outside of your you know your eyes. Um, you will realise that for your business is first and foremost asset. So if you don't take care of yourself and get yourself in the right mindset, get yourself on the right. You know? Well, everything your business will suffer for it, not just not just quote unquote you, but also your business. So if you wanna go places. And if you you know, if you want to build that business and make that big and legacy and leave of great footprint and all those great things, I think that taking care of yourself, that's where it starts with.

spk_1:   44:16
Yeah, absolutely. I think a lot of us were on freelance businesses. Yes. So it's not like, you know, we are the CEO of the company and we have a whole team doing stuff for us. We generally work alone. Yes, sometimes we work with colleagues. But like at the end of the day, if we're no working, our business doesn't run right. So if we get to the point where we're so tennis beaten down on DH overworked and stressed that we actually cannot do anything, our business is just going to stop, which is that? So that's not what any of us wants, right? So it's so important before you get to that point to recognise that you have to take care of yourself and actually you have to make sure that you're working towards something that is really kind of important and ties him with your own values rather than just working for the sake of Wei. Yep,

spk_0:   45:08
Yes, absolutely. Into that. You know, I like now we could talk for hours About how if you whenever you are ready to take care of yourself, Andi, get conscious about what you stand for, where you wanna go, what your values are and how they think to your business. You conduct that ties directly to how you communicate with your niche in with your audience. Yeah, do. And how you weave those personal connexions that go far beyond feeling like a sleazy salesmen were just kind of dishes out something in pictures over the long day, but actually communicates the other. You know, to other people, this is me. This is what I stand for on DH. When you start standing up for something and standing out for something, that's when you start to become really memorable. When people start to recognise you, Andi, you will see that shift in your business on DSI that shift in the way people reply to you. People reach out to you. People engage with your line. All those things change and in wonderful ways when you start, you know, not just working mindlessly almost right, but but actually knowing what you do this for annoying you're nor your path kind of having drafted out and working towards literally working towards where you want to be and who you wanna be. So, yes, I would kind of wonderfully connect with it. But everything is like connected. That's such a beautiful thing. A few.

spk_1:   46:34
Yeah, that's the way I think. If you start to tie in, all of this stuff that you recognise is important to you into the way that you communicate about your business, whether that's on social media or you know, any emails to clients or whatever, you will start to attract people who share the same values. Of

spk_0:   46:49
course, yes. And now comes me being the broken record, saying You will also repel people that are not attracted to that. Absolutely. And then I'm not a good fit. But in the end you will save time for yourself and for, you know, for them because they won't have to reach out to you. But just just and going through the whole process off realising it's not a good fit, but first and foremost because we talk about self care and how it's not other people's agenda that should be on your mind from consent about your own. So you will learn to like you save time for yourself, right, Because you will replace us. E mails have been really bad left benefiting and all that stuff entire kicking because people who are obviously attracted to who you are and what you stand for will be less hesitant to part with their money and actually work with you and makes an investment in their own business. And I love whatever issue you know, your business is until your job description here and people who realised what a great fit for whatever reason. And that's absolutely okay. They won't go through the motions to actually reach out to you, then kind of have that molasses feeling conversation that draws out into, you know, not ever happening right when both people realise it's not really ever happening. But nobody has the guts to say OK, so, you know, blessing for me, your station is itself a lot of that by just being super super conscious and I'm out and open about it. What you believe in, where you wanna go, what you stand for? Yeah, completely, completely agree. S o That was so so So. My Chloe, thank you so much for joining me today. Um, this episode will have its own sub page on, but if I don't come, so you'll find all the information on that same page Will have a link to your favourite resource is you, like all the things you donate it and please share with us. What, like the bonus you you'll share with our listeners will also be on that page.

spk_1:   48:51
Yeah. So it is kind of like an infographic, which just shows visually this five step process that I've described. What? Each step is just kind of a brief overview just to remind you step by step, what you should be doing. And so the process, it's both kind of Ah, once a year, once every six months, or however you want to do it kind of process. But it's also a bit of it, the things that you do every day. So, yeah, this this graphic should kind of just walk you through the process. And then if you want more detail, you can. This is the episode on Listen again. To what I was saying that they're blue Nichols mind in terms of imagining yourself 10 years from now, if that's helpful to listen to that while you're going through the exercise.

spk_0:   49:31
And obviously we'll have a contact details and everything on there so you can reach out to Susie and, you know, work with her directly and, you know, dive deeper. But for that graphic, you can print it out drawn. It's making your own picking up your office wall, everything that helps you make that happen and let us know you know what you did with it. So if you talk about it on Social, if you want to reach out to us, use the hashtag beautified and real CNN. We watch for that and really get raises. Its always greater to connect. You don't see how how those things we talked about, how they don't take food, Um, how they happen for fathers because that's the beauty of that drug. It's not just something you do all by announcing that something. We're in this together, and it's wonderful to just connect with each other that way. Yep. Certainly. Okay, so thank you. So so so actually for joining me today. It's been a plastic Andi. I think after we wrap up for the day, just we went a little bit and listen to that was a relation Exercise E Yeah. Visitor

spk_1:   50:29
is after the tt Tio.

spk_0:   50:30
Thank you. Okay. So again, it wasn't less having you And you'll be back soon, I hope. Oh,

spk_1:   50:38
I hope so too. I've really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for having medical. Thank you. No.