The Buddhified Business Podcast

3 Steps to help you ditch Indecision, ft. Dr. Marina Bruni

August 26, 2019 Nicole König/ Dr. Marina Bruni Episode 2
The Buddhified Business Podcast
3 Steps to help you ditch Indecision, ft. Dr. Marina Bruni
The Buddhified Business Podcast
3 Steps to help you ditch Indecision, ft. Dr. Marina Bruni
Aug 26, 2019 Episode 2
Nicole König/ Dr. Marina Bruni

Raise your hand if you're an over-thinker!

  • Are you constantly second-guessing yourself?
  • Is entrepreneur overwhelm wearing you out?
  • Do you find yourself caught up in analysis paralysis?

This episode delivers REAL TALK on learning to decipher old programming and develop new habits that help you set yourself up for success.
Join us when we talk through the 3 steps that help you

  • Detach yourself from other peoples' opinions
  • Let go of impostor syndrome, and
  • Show up for your goals and dreams.

Nicole König is a bilingual copywriter. She writes and translates for mindful businesses and authors who empower, elevate, and inspire humans big and small. 

Dr. Marina Bruni is an executive coach, author, international speaker and dual-qualified lawyer with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Marina speaks 4 languages, and loves dark chocolate and traveling the globe.--- Send in a voice message:

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Raise your hand if you're an over-thinker!

  • Are you constantly second-guessing yourself?
  • Is entrepreneur overwhelm wearing you out?
  • Do you find yourself caught up in analysis paralysis?

This episode delivers REAL TALK on learning to decipher old programming and develop new habits that help you set yourself up for success.
Join us when we talk through the 3 steps that help you

  • Detach yourself from other peoples' opinions
  • Let go of impostor syndrome, and
  • Show up for your goals and dreams.

Nicole König is a bilingual copywriter. She writes and translates for mindful businesses and authors who empower, elevate, and inspire humans big and small. 

Dr. Marina Bruni is an executive coach, author, international speaker and dual-qualified lawyer with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Marina speaks 4 languages, and loves dark chocolate and traveling the globe.--- Send in a voice message:

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welcome everyone to another Friday afternoon. Another coffee, our, um, and another hour just spent with coffee, conversation, communication and content between, you know, creative entrepreneurs with me today is Marina and I'll, um invited introduce herself properly in just a sec before I do. I just want Teo say two sentences on housekeeping for you if you have questions. And if you join us on Facebook today with the Lifestream, pop your questions in the common section and we get to those as we move along or at the end of today's session. If you miss the lives and you're listening to the recording on a podcast of ReNu one just hit reply. There's a little replied weapon there for e mails. Or send me email to he called at the Mews is the best. And I'm happy to, you know, forward you, our our show notes and all the goodies that come with Amanda newsletter that goes back to today's session and all the treats we have in store for you that make this a complete kind of little parcel of joy. OK, so if you're here for the first time, this is actually our second episode in podcast style. And Nicole, copywriter and ethical Marty, marketing applicant. We do these coffee, our style sessions every single week. As I said now, right now we're doing them in podcast. And so we have, like, even more, even more to give you on the go and just listen to us and human whenever you are, You have a bit of space in your life, but, you know, keep doing your thing while you're listening to us. Um and of course, with this I want to dive in today and super excited for you to journey. Marina. Um but I want to say, Yeah, it's Doctor Marina Bruni and then would love for you to introduce yourself properly and do a much better job more than I could sew the mikes. All yours.

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Thank you so much. Nicole. I'm so excited to be here. And thank you for having me. You and your coffee. I was in your podcast. And yes, we have a lot to talk about so much. Yes, here. So I'm keeping also and I all the time because when I start talking sometimes for 100

spk_0:   2:31
e never hear this again and again. But all you do is you know I should air time with I have been so amazing so far. And the beauty of it is we do the life recording on. And I think it has a certain you know, a special charm to it because every time, like I'm on air with with one of you and it's the same today with you. What our listeners don't know is that we have a little warm up face before we go live, right? So we met, like, half an hour before, and we just we keep talking and it's so natural and it's so just, you know, just friendly and front. And the time goes by so fast. So So it's super exciting to have your marina. Teller's a bit of a bugger, background and who you are and what your purpose and your businesses.

spk_1:   3:17
Yes, absolutely. So I am Doctor Marina Rooney and my colleagues called me the global brain activation strategist because if you only use one side of your brain, you missing something, and that gap can cost you a lot of money, time, energy and ultimately paying them. And with my strategies, we can close that gap. So in terms of background. I've been a lawyer in financial services for over 20 years on DH. I'm also on NLP Licence, Master protection and trainer and I did my training way. Daughter Rich a bundle The co creator ofthe channel People now having a corporate career in I finance made me another red Shiva. Well, probably I was a regular overachiever. Otherwise I wouldn't have got them. They're right, e agree. Absolutely. Anyways, I was constantly stretching myself to the limit and beyond in an extremely fast paced environmental by projects and deadlines and where I never missed a deadline ever. So as you can imagine, I've learned a thing or two on how stressful, frustrating and isolating two that could be not only because I've heard that firsthand experience on myself, because at some point my immune system got shot because of the number of hours I was putting in the lack of sleep. The stress factor and I ended up at the hospital basically, but also because I would serve the effects of it on my colleagues and I noticed that my colleagues were getting burnout, feeling very stressed out, feeling like they were spinning on a hamster wheel going at this really, really fast pace and not getting anywhere. And one of the things that I observed wass, that they started making poor decisions. All the decision making abilities were suffering. This might not seem related, but what I've learned since then and what I'm now show to my clients is that our health, our well being, is a direct result off the combined the physical, mental and spiritual well being. And we need to create coherence overall. So other point. I started looking for knowledge to reverse that cycle and to disrupt the pattern and because I wanted I wanted to live a good life and I wanted to be well. And now I'm sharing with other leaders and entrepreneurs like you, Nicole and our audience. Today, the three keys that can help you make the right choice everything of time in this sense of my hospital visits. Well, let's call it a visit. Was was my wake up cold and it was the realisation that my health was suffering and my new system was shot because off the demands, I wass putting on my mind and my body and on my spirit and all that made me face the fact that I was at a choice point. And here comes the first crucial moment for me. Because what I realised is that we always have a choice, even if we believe that we don't. And even if we can see that we have a choice. And so I could go back to my old life doing what I've always done living off side always lead with a certainty that nothing would change. Because if you keep doing the same things, you keep getting the same outcome. You can't possibly get a different outcome.

spk_0:   7:19
Let me just tell me a marina. And I ask you something. I think that because I think this is where it gets really interesting for our entrepreneur listeners. Right, because we have a lot of translators, interpreters, editors, creative entrepreneurs listening to us. Yeah, and these are people that, um that feel like I do that we're already living our dream, right? I mean, we already made a conscious choice to either step out of the mine to five or never enter them into five and build and build our business, create something from nothing around their purpose around our passion you know, create something that brings our gift to the world. And still this kind of overwhelmed Where you question yourself, keep questioning yourself, right? Second guessing yourself. He what I call riding the carousel around around around, right. One of the things we talked about before it's waking up at night or not being able to go to sleep because your man can shut off and you feel like maybe you made the wrong decision. You you're feeling like you caught in this time so well that you talked about me put it so perfectly because that's exactly how I used to feel. Um, and and all these things that that we feel we left behind when we left behind the 9 to 5, you know, working for someone else. Now we're building our own thing, and we're living our our passion and seemingly our purpose. And still we are caught in this in this in the same, um, you know, trouble issue. You know what I mean? So So So that's where I would like to to set that in context. Everything you say ring so true. And I would like to just stress that it's that if you feel that way If you feel like you know, second guessing yourself all the live long day, going back and forth on decisions, even if you feel a decision is final. And you made a decision in your business in your life and you. But it keeps coming back to you. You keep feeling, you know, weird about it, insecure about it, all that. All that stuff that keeps you locked and look where you are right now. And as you said, not moving forward towards your goals and towards you are life. Often they insane happiness, right? You know, alone, Um, entrepreneur overwhelmed. I think it's something that we all know to an extent. And I just want which, like, to to set all the amazing things you share in context with that.

spk_1:   9:47
Yes, definitely. Absolutely. Because they think is we feel like that Not only the respect with the big choices of life are business changing our lives going down. Toh ah, you road and change everything. But it's every single choice that we make on a daily basis, Uh, on a conscious consciously or unconsciously, because we make choses continuously. I mean ah, am I gonna dream coffee and we're gonna drink. The tea is a choice. Yes, I'm I'm gonna write with the blue pen or with the black pen a choice. So we are constantly making choices every single minute with even even though we don't realise that. And as you said, even if we we have you have already made a big choice of going down the part within the father you've chosen the road is not all set up. You need to keep making choices to move forward and how you make the choices. That's that's why that's why I have come up with my step step a step programme, because the thing is that the way we are, we are a whole person. We are one. So our the way I teach how to integrate creativity with Lena logic left brain strategies with right brain strategies. They help you too. Create coherence so that when you I have in front of you a choice to make you don't go around in circles thinking every thinking, analysing all the data or information that you've got it looking for more information because before, because you don't know whether going one way or not, at all. Maybe there is some of the solutions. Some of the options the U. K you can consider by you still commit your mind your mind up because you're constantly analysing. You're basically an analysis paralysis all you kept in your fear off UN success of failure or success. And that's because your creativity law, your logic mind. I know I'm not on the same pace, and there is a disconnect there, and only when you are able to close the gap in the disconnect and you simultaneously left brain strategies that right print strategies on Lee. Then the magic happens.

spk_0:   12:48
E I love how you put that. So So just just make it super care so that, you know, I understand all the big like like from from choosing what kind of shirt you're wearing in the morning, too. Will you be smart and drinking out of water today, Or just stick to coffee right and ditch the water? Tio, will you take a walk to clear brain? Or were you trying to clear, you know, young healthy way by binge eating, binge watching TV, whatever. So making smart choices for yourself and also making small choices and big choices for your business. All of that gets stuck in Iraq, Basically as a sense of oh, analysis. And then is this planet analysis? I loved that. Basically love that So much because you your brain doesn't work as a team. Basically. Right, So, you

spk_1:   13:38
know, not all the time. Not just because of see, the thing is that when we were kids, um, we are all very instinctive. You know, if you watch Children when they play, when they do their own stuff, they're all very instinct, instinctive. They do whatever they want, right? And they don't think one second about no doing that. They they just do whatever they wanted to. And they play with things and do new things, and they're very creative. And then when we when we grow up, we get into a team conventional education system. Uh, there is one part off our our brain. I was thinking our being, that we develop more instead of the oldest on DH most of the time. What happened? What I what? I'm noticing my experience with my clients with my students and also when my former clients is that mainly the conventional educational system. What does is developing your Lena logic side right? And in order to do that, you put to sleep your creativity and some people I talk to they even think that there no creative at all, which is impossible because we all are creative. Is that is that going to bring that up to speed? But at some point we are all created because being creative creativity is, isn't it? There is no more done creating energy, and we all like that. I mean, we are creating when when we choose what kindof dress to wear, where we choose for colours when which is anything. So we all are creative up to a point. Yeah, the way we have developed ourselves are bringing our mind, our approach, our attitude, our mindset. That's got a lot to do with the choices that I've been made for us when we were kids but choices. But it's due to education, culture of the ground and all these programming. I mean, we have lady and layoff programming inside us, and so and our habits, our attitude, the way with things, the way we we think is the way we way were thought to do that and an often time, if especially fell very much a logical person. And analytical is because you have never looked more that side of yourself

spk_0:   16:48
enough. Just We need that for our job, right? For for the things that maybe we even feel passionate about. I mean, you are a lawyer, so that's a really logical career. I would think, right, That takes a lot of like that happens. A lot of off that off career stuff happens on that side of the brain.

spk_1:   17:05
Yes, it is. Ah, but see, And that's when that's why I love this stuff. But I'm also created because I'm also a musician. So I always said his music since I was a kid. I mean, I started to study classical piano when I wass for an alpha. Oh, okay. And also I have a very intuitive My intuition is really strong and also because I do energy work now also so so that there's always bean b side of me that I had these two. It was like I had these two different sides of me, and for sometimes I didn't really know what to do with the two of time I have to put them together. And and also that's also is why that's what is one of the reasons why I started studying all these kind of things. How our brain works at our mind conscious mind, unconscious mind left brain right brain because I was drawn to that. And the thinking is that when you find the key to integrate this tooth is because the thing is that left brain right brain, they also run on different frequency, different different vibrational frequencies. They think in different ways their mental process is different. And so when you find the key toe, integrate these two systems into one, which is what we're meant to be, it's what we're meant to what we're meant to do it, what we're meant to be because we are one and we are all connected in the unified field of energy. And so when you find the key to do that, there is a brand new border opens up for you.

spk_0:   19:24
I love that I really love that. So, um, we talked about a little bit before we went on air about you can call it the am our system, right? Yes. Awareness mirror responsibility. Yes, I love that. Could you Could you walk us through that? You know, through the steps off that?

spk_1:   19:46
Yes, definitely. Yes. Okay, let me let me introduce a little bit. But these three step system, this's the this is the point of entrance is some. It's a quick 33 step where, when way we're talking my kind first, and it's usually how you can solve and assess. Ah, simple, simplified situations. But it's it's very good. It's a very good start to give to give up, to give a stubbed toe to start rethinking and rea y your brain and start approaching thing in a different way. So I am a A stands for awareness. Um, the definition of awareness is, is the state of being conscious off something So perception feeling? Because he's on off events, situations, people off feeling anything, being conscious. M stands for mirroring mirror. Well, we all know what I mean. A raise right? And it's a so face that reflects a clear image. And why Why is this relevant? This is relevant because our outer world is a mirror of our inner world. Our outer wood is a reflection of our inner world. So if There is no coherence inside us in our inner world that cannot be any clearance outside us in our outer world, in our lives, in our business. And why's that? That's because this is one of my basis. Basic principles. I call them Marina slow. That's because in order to create success us with the finance, we need to achieve clarity, focus and a single mindedness purpose so we can make the right choices. Because in order to make the right choices, we need to be coherent. We need to be in our money with who we need to be or become in order to have what we say we want and we need to be willing to do. The work does necessary in order to become that person. In other words, what I mean by that is that internal growth is a necessary condition. Toe achieving external growth. I

spk_0:   22:36
really love that Marina can is things that like self care, you know, self love. I mean it call awareness. So I do believe that several ways is into its in there, right? That's what it's gonna ruin the name. But so, um, finding clarity on on my voice, my meaning my path. My one amenity is old and I look back on my life. What do I wanna have, you know, done achieved, given to the planet, the people, the community, all of those things. When when you say awareness, those other things I think about that flow into that Is that my own truck?

spk_1:   23:16
With that? Yes, definitely. And then an awareness is always a two way process in, in a way, because its internal and external, it's awareness of the outside world. But it's also in awareness off our inner world, our inner game. How do we feel about that? Wass the wass, our internal, our body response to that external stimulus to that external event, for example, are very, very, very, very okay. The example that walks into my mind is has ever happened to you that sometimes when you have conversation with certain people after after you had a conversation, you feel exhausted, drained like they had sucked all your energy? Yes, Oh yes, absolutely. Exactly. And that's that's your internal response. You're in a game response to an extent, a situation because that situation for a number of reasons that if you like, I can explain you. That person drained you at that person wass interacting in the way in your energy field and tree. Good that reaction off Tinus and exhaustion within yourself because that person was training or your energy.

spk_0:   25:00
So when? When that's like, let's say it's a business situation. Yes, on DH, you know it is you aware of that? Because you know you are. You're 1000 steps further than I would be with the system, right? Her connect. This happens. I know when we talk first, you both said we felt, you know, we've had excited and alive and warmth, right? And we connected on an amazing level, Yes, but let's say you talk to someone, and you experience what you just described. Is that a situation where you need to change something internal? Or is it a situation where you would say, Okay, this experience teaches me that this person let's say the client, it's not for me, right? And you and you kind of don't don't onboard them saying no to them or just let them go. Bless and Reese enough to say, Write what your reaction would be a blessed release with reaction or would it be in a work reaction to make to to change the tune. You changed the narrative.

spk_1:   26:02
Well, that depends on your child, will you? What your choice will be. What I can tell you is that Assad, as I'm concerned when them there was a time that when I used to interact with these kind of people, I I ended up drained and exhausted and super tired. After that, I mean, I needed ah, cup of chocolate hot chocolate to recover and like, laying an hour on my sofa and things like that. But the thing is that with, um, we told my practises with my practises of my system, and what happened is that now I'm able to shield that kind of energy. So now talking to those people doesn't affect me anymore. I don't get drained anymore because automatically, I can talk to them and I can leave them up. And at the same time, while I'd lift a map, I shield my energy field so I don't get impacted

spk_0:   27:14
so you wouldn't need to cut a client loose or ditch a business partner or even like ditching acquaintance. Let's say right, Could could have anyone you know is

spk_1:   27:24
correct. I wouldn't I wouldn't need to do that. Um, Well, sorry. Yeah. Known aside if when I if I see in that, I mean that that doesn't mean that I accept your clients or all business partners, because, I mean, every situation is different. But if that were the issue, no, I would need to cut them off. So there are There are techniques. There are strategies that help you build that internal strength, of course, trend so that it gets reflected on the outside world. But the key, the key point here is that in order to address that situation, you need to work on your in a game first. If you wantto address effectively the outer gate situation.

spk_0:   28:20
And that's where it comes back to awareness, Right? To be even aware of what's happening, not just like you say, like you put it perfectly. And I love your example to say Okay, for some reason, I feel so tired and exhausted me to lay down and eat, you know, chocolate and binge watch a sitcom or something, but really know where it's coming from and why you're feeling this way. Yeah. So that's the awareness part of it.

spk_1:   28:43
Awareness is always the first step because if you are not aware, if you're not even aware that you have any ships, you're not even aware that something is not right. How can you address it? Awareness is always the first step for everything and anything.

spk_0:   29:04
Okay, so we currently awareness part. I think it's it's clear that the Czech fifth access it's clear. Thank you alive until you for saying all clear. Um, okay, now let's move to the next step The mirror.

spk_1:   29:18
The male That was also the mirror we cleared the we clear the awareness and a mirror. Now we're goingto are really

spk_0:   29:24
okay. So step So again, awareness is knowing what's happening right and where it comes from and where. Let's say, feeling off. Ah, feeling drained off, Feeling unhappy about this decision on happy about a business path of communication, of conversation and going back in circles. That's the awareness part right? And they're mirroring. Is is knowing where it comes from and shooting yourself from from that effect from that impact on yourself.

spk_1:   29:55
Memory is more about working with your, you know, in a ward and outward saved when when you've got when you've when you determine what what's going on When you when you acquired awareness Now you you have awareness about about the result that you want, right? So if you if you open a mirror, you want to see that results, Okay, But if you look inside you, why why you don't get that result? So what is the disconnect that prevent you forgetting what you want? Wear ese, Where is that? You have to do your inner work in the work in order to have what you want in your outer word. I mean in your in your inner work and in your out, in your in awarding in your outer words as well coz if because it will be it will go hand in hand because if because that same inconsistency that materialises in your outer world materialises in your outer world because it's inconsistent in your inner world and that the awareness work will help you too. We'll help you too. Determine what? That is also with some mirror work, because you will start because one of the mirror techniques that I use is look at what is that you want and look at what is that you have inside you. So where is the mismatch?

spk_0:   31:48
So I want in pinpointing the disconnect and starting to to like like defining where, Where the your goals and your vision off your perfect you know, outer world off your perfect life mismatch with your inner happenings. Yes. Okay. Got it? Got it?

spk_1:   32:09
Yes. So yes. And that also means that you have to use all your senses. And you you need to get out of your head. Yes, because this cannot be just an intellectual exercise.

spk_0:   32:21
Yes. So that's that's where you were consciously start to get the the other part of your brain working for yourself?

spk_1:   32:27
Yes. Exactly. And that's where the juicy part, the juicy stuff start coming out

spk_0:   32:33
when the attack starts to happen is just that way. So we got we recovered awareness. We covered the mirroring. Now let's move on to responsibility.

spk_1:   32:43
Responsibility? Yes. I love this world responsibility. So I like standing with the definitions always. So what's the definition of responsibility? Responsibility means the duty to deal with something. And it's to me. It's a very powerful word with a powerful meaning and responsibility equals power. Responsibility is the way we can take our power back. And why's that? That's because no matter what happens around you in your life, in your business with other people, how they treat you, how they interact with you, you are the one in control of your choices all the time because you are responsible for your own choices. No one else is. You have the power to change everything by making different choices by creating new choices, and you have the power to change nothing by making the same old choices. It is your choice and your power, and you can choose to take the power back. Or you can choose to keep that power away. And the interesting thing is that sometimes we happen to make bad or wrong choices without even realising that we are making a choice, for example, doing doing, doing, doing, doing, chasing off after things instead of attracting them. Chasing off the situations after people instead of attracting them. Or another example is holding back instead of working through what's holding you back so that you can bridge and closed the game out of game gap and you can become the person that you need to become in order to have what you want and another good example. Good example of these is making no choice because there is no such a thing as a no choice. In fact, no choice is a choice whether you realise it or not, whether you are aware of it or not. Making a choice means giving you power away so that someone else or external circumstances choose for you. And that's and that's really powerful because often time we say, I've heard people say to me, Okay, well, let's see. Well, let's not happen. I didn't make any choice. That was not my choice. It is what it is. There's nothing I can do about it. Well, when you say that, you making the choice off, choosing not doing anything about it because you always have a choice.

spk_0:   35:44
So you mean you're choosing to stay still and let whatever happens happen to you? Yes, instead of instead of turning it around. And I love how this connects to last week's coffee. Oh, I know you were there when we talk when I talk to Jo and she said, Instead of your life happening to you, yes, right around and you happen to your life, right? Yes. This is that, right?

spk_1:   36:06
Yes. It is exactly the same thing. It's exactly that. Because often time we wait. When? When we feel overwhelmed. When we feel the stressed out when we feel like Yes. We like things. Don't go the way we want. Oh, yeah? You know what that happened That happened yet? Okay, that happened. But how are you responding to that? See my my teacher mentor, Dr Richard Butler. He always says them when you are in the room, don't get stressed out about willing to control everything. But can't you just control what you can control with this? So you can control when you are in a room with other people and everybody? I've got their own stuff and everybody they want to say that one thing, the only thing you can control issue your yes, back your response to that. So my takeaway on that is that when you ah, Abel to master your stuff when you must save yourself, You're on your own persona. Your old talent gives your power. You, uh, able to you You must have everything because you have made the tour. You've turned things around so that you are in control of things. That doesn't matter what happens to you. That's not the point. Because you win the respond thing. You will not react anymore. And that's the key difference. Reacting versus responding.

spk_0:   38:01
So I've been reacting in terms ofthe former state of unawareness and just make it make it like, you know, it's your It's your kind of go to reaction to certain things, and then you stress out over afterwards because you're unhappy with it. And then and then that's the opposite. Off responding where you are aware ofthe what's happening off, how it affects you off, how you want it to affect you in terms ofthe your life goals, your ideal life, right that your happiness yourself care all those things and then responding in kind and rather aligned to what you want your world to be like.

spk_1:   38:39
Yes, and you make a conscious decision. Come at you because you feel if you react, you don't make a consciousness a conscious decision. You're just a conscious choice. You just react with the first thing that comes to you, and you do that in sort of automatic pilot,

spk_0:   38:59
and I feel like That's true for, for all things like, it could be negotiation with a client where you kind of react, right? They say something, that's that that overwhelms you. Maybe your price is too high, and they tell you that whatever it could be right and you react. But But your reaction depends on if you are aware of what's happening if you, you know, take responsibility for what you want the outcome to be and what the other person. I think it's like a several levels, right, because you always react in a situation like that with another person. Yeah, I also have to be aware ofthe what your reaction triggers in them.

spk_1:   39:39
It's always a multiple, multiple, multiple level, the kind of thing because a Sooners with peel off the first layers, there is another one and another one and no other one. And in order to achieve that cold coherence, you really need to go deep into into into the issues and do and working that with yourself in order to in order to get there yes, and to enter master

spk_0:   40:17
and what you said about instead of worrying and and struggling and, you know, even even just you know, carrying the pressure on your shoulders, off off handling and controlling everything that's happening in our lives around us, you know, all over the world, basically right, because you can really go big on this one. Just focus on controlling and managing and even carrying the burden off what you can control right off your decisions off your life. Yes, yes. And you know what? Like for for someone like me who, like I love my job. But I do know that it's sometimes Dumbo Feather for bigger issues that when I look at them, I would just flip out, right? Anything from environmental, you know, climate change, all those big things that I feel. So I feel so small, I can't really change them. Right? But they make me so sad stuff like that. And then, of course, other stuff like political stuff. And, you know, why isn't world peace happening in a year where we also reflected and, you know, car medic and all those things, right? And if you if you look at the big picture, that stuff can really like, drag you down and drain you, I feel Yeah, but But then we met when I apply what you just said the awareness mirror responsibility when I just walked through that. And this is a quick walkthrough, of course, but and I feel OK. So the solution for me to direct stay calm like be able to live my life to the fullest would be Teo to win awareness off what I can control what I can change and then and then pinpoint the disconnect between what I'm doing now and the world how I want to live my life, How I want the world to be for me in my little bubble that I'm living in right and then take responsibility for my actions.

spk_1:   42:19
Yes, but what you can do on DH? Yes, and focus on what you can contribute with because the okay if you allow me to use a metaphor that just coming to my mind just now is the If you look at the ocean are bigger phase, right. But the ocean is made by little drops of water and Paris single drop of that water has gotta meaning, meaning and contributes to create the whole ocean. And

spk_0:   42:55
you mean, like like when we're all you know, we see ourselves as the wonder of off. What do we control? What happens within us and around us? Yes, exactly. And responsible for the ocean, right? With this one for us

spk_1:   43:08
exactly focused on what you can focus on what you can control. Focus on what you can change, focus on water. You can contribute with it. Yeah, because that's that's where you can make a difference. And

spk_0:   43:27
then, of course. And if you when When you get to that stage where you see OK, this is what I can be responsible for because that's what I can affect and that's what I can change. And then this huge Belgo things is stuff that I can change, right? And I can't effect. But that's okay because, you know, you just let her blessing release comes in against then then that of course I can see how that would add to my inner peace, you know, into really being, um at ease with a lot of things.

spk_1:   44:00
Yes, but also, another thing is focusing off what you can do instead of what you cannot do. Because if you keep focusing on what you cannot do, you will still feel overwhelmed on anxious because you will focus on the luck

spk_0:   44:27
instead of focusing on what I can do. And in the game. I love that I love how we made that really, really clear to those listening. Because I do think that's a major point here to really focus on on your action radios, right? And what you can make happen for yourself for your loved ones, for the community, for the world, and really put your purpose in there and your energy in there.

spk_1:   44:55
Yes. Yes, Aunt. Of course, the first thing is a society in order to build up dot co urine. So you need to work on your inner game first. Which means take it off yourself. Be generous with yourself. Because if you don't nurture yourself, you're not gonna have the foundations. You're gonna have the strength. You're not gonna have the energy two give a piece of you into the outer world to take care off other people to take her project to take care off everything else.

spk_0:   45:34
Absolutely. I love how we put that into really clear context for for allow business to be their friends. Right. Um So Okay from that from that from that am our perspective. I want to move on input and and and put something really like action steps into into this session. And we talked about this before. We set up a couple of steps that I want to walk through one by one to really provide that love you that I know our listeners not to take away right and make happen for themselves. So the first thing I want I want to ask you and what you would like you to share is how do you stay focused in your day to day? Because I know you're an author, a coach, a business person, right? Like all of us. Yeah. I'll use their focus in your day to day walk us through your You know, your routines. Basically, in your is it do work and home. First question, Basically first question before we even Devin, do you work inside and home office? Do you go to co working space? How do you How do you set up your day today? In that term,

spk_1:   46:44
I work from home most of the time unless I had meetings. So events where I speak out. But if I have to do my own world like? Ah, yes. I work from home. Your shoulder.

spk_0:   46:59
Okay. That most of us. I'm. And do you have a home office or do you have, like, a cosy corner somewhere where you just sit down and work?

spk_1:   47:07
No, I have office. I have. Ah, have Ah, my my study room in my in my home. And they're all my piles of books and papers all organised. But if someone else gets into the room, they will think this is a big mess. This is a chaos. No, it's not a case. Because I know exactly where you made your

spk_0:   47:30
way into my world. E Do you agree that having like, a home office or, you know, just it could be your study, your library, that you're working where your desk is and you're your little This is my work. Bubble space. My space. Me, right? Yeah, that helps you to really dive in, get into that send mode, get focus and start working on your dream. Yes, definitely. And you know, I did share a while back. I did share a couple of pictures from my home office, which is so so me. Andi, I think we should She should do that again because I loved her. People just share their little space of happiness and you know where their work of their dream. It's just amazing and so inspiring. So Okay, so you back to the back to the next question. How do you stay focused in your day today?

spk_1:   48:21
Yes. Ha ha. That's a great. That's a great question. How does they focus? I have, um I have my routines and okay, wait. I have my routines and I made a choice of creating a system for myself and for which I share with. Actually, I'm happy to share that with our listeners today, and it's I am happy to make that available for you, Wass Afridi for my website and they call you. You will have that plate as well. And it's a list ofthe 14 Ovitz that are made off my morning routine off, and although the number is 14 it doesn't take much time to do them in the morning thinking in your morning, because most of them are tweaks to things that you already do. And I find that when I do this putting things in the morning that sets my my day and and reduces my stress makes me make better choices because I'm more focused and and so I end up not having the clattering my head, and I'm more effective and efficient and instructor in my day. Um And so, for example, the 1st 1 is the that when I wake up, I smile. And even though that same silly that sense your mood for the day on grounds, you so leave things like that that helped me help me set on my day. And it's like creating a system when you under system in the process and you follow it. It really create that space that mental space, because instead, no good, because we don't only need a physical space to do our work, too. Create our environment. But we also need that mental and emotional state of mind's pace in order to be productive in order to be efficient. And if you move this down, your energy level is down. You vibrate at a lower frequency, so you're less productive on Duh. So another thing that I do is that I I tend not to use my phone in a compulsive way, taking one. I love that about that. I mean, nowadays we're almost a slave or technology, and I mean, I think that technology is the great means and we are blessed to have that. But we need to use in a proper way. I mean, we cannot make ourselves like it's labelled technology. So first of all, I I don't know, switch my telephone on until after I had my breakfast. I don't even sec it. And then when I switch it on, I start checking my emails and blah, blah blah. But then when I go into my office basin to my workspace and I've got my things, my task to go through my goals ofthe day, I I don't look at my phone. I set up times when I look at my phone because otherwise I mean most I tasking its not efficient. Multitasking is not productive because it causes for your brain to connect and disconnect all the time. And that creates inefficiency and disconnection in your on your brain as well. So you are not more efficient. You are more. You do most stuff you you are in a doing more. You're more in the young energy. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you're more efficient.

spk_0:   53:03
So I learned that that's something that's really a female thing. Like, you know, women tend to juggle a lot off, you know, thoughts and pressure and tasks and issues all the time. Right at you, like all the live long day basically are. So there's Ah, there's ah, really great study on it that it will take you up to, like, 45 minutes to get back into that sense space off, working right off, diving deep into whatever your business is. Yeah, you interrupted yourself with checking your phone e mails, doing whatever Right on. So So I think that's a huge point, because that, let's say, takes you half an hour to get back into its end mode and you do that. Try store three times a day. That's like a lot of office time. You spend additionally in your office working. You feel like you're working. It drains energy, but you're not really getting anything then and, you know, walking towards your dream.

spk_1:   54:07
Yeah, exactly. You are on a hamster here, Will. It's like you're running on a hamster wheel because, yes, it is that same effect because you are in a do mode. And so you're doing doing doing and the father you're doing makes you busy and find that makes you busy, gives you the perception that you are doing a lot. But you actually, you are not achieving your not productive, you know, efficient.

spk_0:   54:44
So what I really when I was elected to take a little step back and get back to what you said in the morning? You You don't even fire up your your computer. You don't cheque your phone Your social media before you had breakfast. Yeah, that's similar to me. I have, like, a morning routine that's really offline. So I will love the smiling part. I started to say Thankyou very consciously after I woke up, so that you could do is say thank you on the handles, counter blessings, right? And then I get up. I basically drink lemon water. That's the first thing I had a drink in the morning and then I grabbed the dog and go for work. That's mostly like, let's like, 45 minutes more or less. Yeah, and then I start the rest of my money. Martino making coffee, getting happy off to work on DH. Then I would be up maybe 90 minutes to two hours, including meditation, and just do the morning routine before enter the office so that that's neat. I'm offline. Time that happens all before even sigh up the computer, right? Yes. So I hear that you do the same thing and I love that I can You can you, for those who are not as as our planets were you Can you Can you just give us a couple of reasons why I decided to to to go that way?

spk_1:   56:09
Yes, because, um I mean, because technology technology is Asai said is a great mean is a great tool is a great means, but it's also it has a new impact on our on our well being. Or now, okay, the frequency, all the technology frequencies, thie phones and computers and iPods and TV and all these electrical appliances they day they are on a frequency right end of frequencies as a new impact on us because because a impacts on our energy field as well. So it's not that we don't know we are not affected by that. So using it in a more conscious way so that we can we can still keep our oh, Allah. Baikal functions altogether and we still we still at the one deciding went to use technology. I mean, if I if if I get a message, I don't have to go immediately. Look at it. I mean, the message is gonna be there foot, foot, foot, foot, forever. So it doesn't make any difference if I replied straightaway or like in an hour. Once I've got myself set up and I'm already grounded and I'm ready to start my day and I know exactly what I want. I don't have to jump from here there in that from from from one thing to another, and that's does That's one of the reasons the other reason that I started talking about it's about the frequencies. If that all these electromagnetic frequencies, the blue lights, I mean there are studies, we know that they're not. They're not beneficial that say, Let's put it this way. They're no beneficial they're not. They're kind of un forest, a swell for for us as human. I mean, I realise that because I if I talk to my phone like putting my phone on Mihir and I talk when people call me after the coal. I've got a headache and my ear burns. And that means that those frequencies have had a name packed on my body or my Oh, my yes, on my body or my my psyche as well. And so one off. The things I do is using technology in a very careful way. Even, for example, my bedroom. I have banned all technology from my bedroom because that is good. Those frequency frequencies radiations like to my knitting fields. Call them whatever. However you want to call them, they have an impact on the quality of your sleep, and we all know that sleep good quality sleep is essential for us. Follow well being for us in order to properly function, to preserve all our bite a function. So, yes, I'd burn all technology from my bedroom and and it's much better tonight, and I mean that they are technique, that there are techniques. They are instruments. There are tools that can help. You, too, managed to shield to to manage these frequencies, so they are stuff out there that can help us. But yeah, using this technology, especially in the bedroom, it's I think, It's a great idea.

spk_0:   1:0:35
And I love her. You connected all of that. That one self care goes, you know, first on DH, you know, takes takes like Trump's anything business and anything online. Because if you don't take care of yourself, you know, your core asset, the quest of your business, then nothing else will work right Right

spk_1:   1:0:59
there is. Because it's like, if you don't take care of yourself is like pouring water out of an empty job.

spk_0:   1:1:10
I agree. I absolutely agree. One that's 100% like, Yes, Ayman. Put Tio. Okay, so you got your morning routine. You set your goals for the day. Yeah, and then you fired up. You know your PC, You go online and you work for your day. Yeah, and I know you will share. Um, a couple more tips that there will be no Monday muse later. But before we wrap up the session and, you know, say goodbye for today, um, I want to go into the chest and just give you a couple of things that people said during our sessions. Yes. And questions, of course. Um, so Milo is It had a question about responsibility, but Marina's takeaway and already answer it. Fantastic view on the word and concept off responsibility. And he says, Really interesting and captivating. Subject. Well done. Thank you. Thank you so much Money. And we have the net. Was asking question to Marina on the topic of responsibility. What about people who take too much responsibility and try to control everything? And this becomes they're overwhelmed. I love the question. Is there like a short answer to

spk_1:   1:2:28
it? It's an amazing question, okay? And I could talk base about the way we

spk_0:   1:2:39
can give them that. And then, of course, let's meet again and talk about that.

spk_1:   1:2:44
Absolutely. But okay, the short answer is it's a matter of choice. So what do Yu Shu stood? I mean, what is your choice? Is that I mean And also I'd like to know the question that people that mean that the points that you have raised is because it's about you or is about someone else. It's about, you understand, willing to understand why they're behaving like that is about you try and find a solution, because for yourself, because the way these people behave is any Buckner yourself? Oh,

spk_0:   1:3:30
I get what you're saying So is it that you feel responsible for everything in anything and that's your overwhelm? Or is it that you were in the same vicinity? You know, in the same world? Let's say you have loved one or business partner or anything. Are you know someone else who is that kind off? I'm overbearing, you know, to take responsible for everything and anything. And how do you cope with that? Right on? Let's Lynette says It's both. So can you give us a quick tip for either one of them? Yes. Okay, so let's say it's you and I was feeling off. I have to control everything. And that is my overwhelmed.

spk_1:   1:4:15
Yeah, well, first of all is about 20 more awareness about that. Why do you feel like that? What? Because if you feel like that, there is something more in depth because that is your answer is your reaction to something that's much deeper. You having the reaction because there is some disconnect inside you that can be at energetica level or something like that. But there is a disconnect that makes you react in the way because that's a reaction. And the overwhelmed is the effect. So that's why you feel like that. So the first and this is this is very much the majority of type of work I do with my students. A client. So 1st 1st of all, it's getting clarity. More awareness about why is this happening? Water wass the coast. What had deep roots off this? Because only if you go to the to the roots, you can eradicate the problems because otherwise you wouldn't keep on curing the symptoms, which will be like putting a plaster here and there. But sooner or later, that issue will come up again. Um, so yeah, doing some work, internal work, meditation with that can help you a lot, but also having a process in place like Ah, you You may start with something similar to what I have. Go grab my go, grab my booklet and see whether those those tapes those practises help you start doing them and ah, yeah, and focus very much more on on yourself like and when you feel like that Ah, this could be like on an immediate fix for when? When this waves off, one come to you. Just stop. Just stop for a moment breathe and breathe. Breathing is is a big dealer.

spk_0:   1:6:42
And then and then what would it be too? Like I just envisioned to really stop like physically. Stop Yes and breathe. Yes,

spk_1:   1:6:51
and stayed there and hope a heads up. Don't Don't go in a doing moat. Yes. Just

spk_0:   1:6:56
come back to myself, right? Yes. And then start again with what you're taught in the beginning. What I loved awareness mirror responsibility, right? Yes, because that's where the inspected like, What can you can you influence? What can you impact? Yes, comes down to it. That's a really small percentage of all things, right? Exactly. Exactly. We have one more question I would love to teach to send to you and to, you know, here you answer to Jennifer's asking Are there some concrete steps to getting into the mindset of being the person you want to become and have a single minded focus? And she's And she adds visualisation question mark

spk_1:   1:7:36
where there are a number off techniques and strategies that I used. So that's why I have a nine step programmes. So it's, I mean, the three steps that we talk about this just the entry point because most of the time, I start with those, and then you really need to go drink down in that activists. And there are a number of strategies and techniques and that I used this realisation is a very good one, but the thing visualisation But the thing with that and we're a number off strategy is that if you project started projecting on the outside without doing the inner work first is not gonna close the gap because you're gonna try to fix something. Okay, let me put Let me put this another way. You can't solve a problem on the same plane where it was created. You need to sift. You need to shift plane. So a few, Um, if you have if if you if there is something that you want to. But she were you struggling with, Like, for example, Les. Let's take the example ofthe very much controlling person that impacts you're in a world you were never gonna be. You were never gonna be able to fix the problem by working on the other person. Because how the person behaves, how much controlling that person would be is outside of your control zone. Well, you can control is how you react to that. How that behaviour affects you. That is where you can control. And that's where you need to focus. I

spk_0:   1:9:42
love how you sum that up. Now. I'm Jennifer. Let me know if that's clear for you. I'd love to hear your feedback on that on Ben for a bit of a deeper dive. Remember that. The Monday mu

spk_1:   1:9:55
for or otherwise otherwise, Jennifer, feel free to get in touch.

spk_0:   1:9:59
Yes, I was going to say for bit of a deeper dive. And if you have more questions, the Monday music will have the three steps we talked about today and will have a link. Two marinas booklet that she has for free. And, of course, a link to a man. So you can ask her questions or get in touch with her if you want to work with her or, you know, Life Keeper or, you know, do your thing basically right. Okay. So I love what we talk about. Marina, thank you so much for this wonderful coffee. I was so great diving into this topic and then to diving into, you know, I think when I was posted this morning I think was the Instagram and said Basically just said, Raise your hand if you an over thinker And I think I got, like, close to 20 the EMS from people saying I am an orphan over thinker, right? And we got to chatting. So I think that entrepreneur overwhelmed and doubting yourself and, you know, keeping keeping that questioning yourself second guessing yourself. In its essence, it's a human thing, right? We're not machines and we do doubt and we d'oh even if you're if we're in love without job and if we know our path, we do second guess ourselves. But I love how you gave us the one column Aimar, um, technique to really basically what I want. I wanna like stress the one that you that you really that you that you also told Lynette because I think that's such an important technique and have it to get for oneself. Even write to really when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel like you're sitting in that carrots are going round and round around right to really stop, come back to yourself, breathe and then go through the steps ofthe awareness mirroring responsibility. Yeah, and I love how that's, like, really something that we can put into action for more for our own life, right? And make good things happen for ourselves, right? And set themselves up for success in that way.

spk_1:   1:12:14
Yeah, that made absolutely Yeah.

spk_0:   1:12:17
So thank you. So so much for joining us today, worrying that I know we won't be the last time, Right?

spk_1:   1:12:23
You're No, absolutely. My pleasure. Thank you for having may. I mean, I had a blast. I

spk_0:   1:12:29
have years. It's so great talking to you. It's always great talking to you. It's just that this time it happened on a of course. So So thank you so much for joining us. Thank you, everyone for tuning in. I'm have a happy Friday. Have a happy weekend. Stay happy. Stay healthy, Stay safe and made the space between where you are now and where you wanna be inspired to greatness.

spk_1:   1:12:51
Bye bye. Five