The Buddhified Business Podcast

On Paths and Pivoting, ft. Lisa Carter

August 30, 2019 Nicole König / Lisa Carter Episode 3
The Buddhified Business Podcast
On Paths and Pivoting, ft. Lisa Carter
The Buddhified Business Podcast
On Paths and Pivoting, ft. Lisa Carter
Aug 30, 2019 Episode 3
Nicole König / Lisa Carter

Do you dream of PIVOTING?

What's keeping you?

You don't need permission to LET GO -  or do you?

Are you getting caught on what could be, what should have been, and what was?

Lisa Carter joins me for an honest conversation on professional and personal development, outgrowing your goals, and readjusting your sails towards a life lived in mindfulness, kindness, and self-love.

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Do you dream of PIVOTING?

What's keeping you?

You don't need permission to LET GO -  or do you?

Are you getting caught on what could be, what should have been, and what was?

Lisa Carter joins me for an honest conversation on professional and personal development, outgrowing your goals, and readjusting your sails towards a life lived in mindfulness, kindness, and self-love.

If you like this episode, you'll love the treats that come with it: Click here to grab your FREE printable Gratitude Journal.
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spk_0:   0:01
heavy ever dreamed of shivering? What's keeping you? Are you dreaming of shifting lanes? Do you feel like unique commission to let go or Allegheny Colin? What could be what should have been n were wass Hi, guys, and nickel from the booth. Our podcast. We're cool gas tonight, Herc, living your truth and building a mind for business. Well, a fella, But we also go Mac deep on top, exacting purpose, poetry and sustainable profitability. And today I have a wonderful guest with me. She's my esteemed colleague and all around Amazing Yoon being welcomed these a Carter, thank you

spk_1:   0:47
know, call and so glad to be here and

spk_0:   0:49
so happy to have you. So the first thing I always asked my guests because of super nerds like that is how do you drink your coffee?

spk_1:   1:00
I have only one way to drink my car fee. Every morning I make a double is pressed with a lot of steamed milk. Hand of like a flat white. That's my favourite coffee that they're rich way to start the day

spk_0:   1:23
years And it's a little treat, right? Taking the time with the steep milk. I feel you know, when a minute Harry, eh? Just adjust to the double espresso thing. But when a have a bit of time at least steam some almond milk, plant life and Sprinkle and some cinnamon and just makes a bit of a difference register. It's just it's a mind sets it thing like everything in life

spk_1:   1:47
is when we first got the espresso maker are gone. Gone. It takes so much time. And now that I love that it takes time,

spk_0:   1:57
as little rituals like that just which today, in so many ways So why were on that? The segment? The second question I want to throw your way and it's something and that we've talked about in the past. I mean, you may have touched by I know that, but I must talk about that with other guests on the show. I would love to just compare and inspire our listeners. Is Do you have morning Luccin against you started and, you know, for your for your business day for your workday.

spk_1:   2:26
Yeah, I d'oh, it's Sam changed a little bit recently and being really super mindful to only look at my phone to know what time it is that

spk_0:   2:41
last week and love that

spk_1:   2:43
it's so easy to turn it on immediately see email on social media and hold down some rabbit hole, not turning it on getting up this morning. Well, they get up in the morning when my cats Ellesmere a 5 30

spk_0:   3:12
Okay, so about my time Grecian 50

spk_1:   3:15
the early morning with thallium in early morning person CD. Um, and I usually just go instead in a choir in the dark of the living room and meditate. Um, usually a guided our visual isation for anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minute. I'd only have a time and and they once I've done that, like make My Halsey has treated me starting every day with leading after that. Meaning, you know, whenever for work, um, which is initially eviction on on election and just taking quiet time to just lied. And for um And then I get up and have my breakfast in and get on the

spk_0:   4:08
day. And how long? Which is say, is it between when you get up in the morning to when you fire up the computer and dive into, you know, whatever the city first from its emails. But I know it's different for everyone

spk_1:   4:20
you know and taking more time needs. Day is I'm feeling that's really important to have that sort of spacious start a day, though it can be active three hours. Are China to go on the computer for eatery early?

spk_0:   4:36
Yes, I love that allow have the I will make that super clear for a listeners because I do know that just like you and this can of is a nice Connexion to our traffic today. I did a little, you know, and more mind for these days in a was before I used to feel like like I am and business which which, you know, is treated two to an extent, of course. But it took me a long while to really implement the self care car in the mind phone as part, not just intimate Business Day today. And 1/2 of this mantra is in place. Like treating everyone like it separates there a range and but also make those things a reality for from meself, outside Business Army and and Plano Corning.

spk_1:   5:22
Yeah, I So here you and I'm older than you, Nicole. And I'm only just figuring, Mr it's a process, right? Because

spk_0:   5:33
is like everything is right. It care

spk_1:   5:36
for Just think that life in general has gone so much more on so much more jam packed No years ago it in minister needs to be this way. So I think a lot of us by surprise of a time e just how limited our time is or worst And yous um I eat only here. You're just tapping into that now. So we know when we're on

spk_0:   6:04
the topic of pivoting and path and we cannot got to cut it is traffic. When we talked about having like can I feel like you've outgrown your goals? Right? So you have these girls and now we share focus on mindfulness and focus on goal setting in relief, Being aware of living up purpose and and in Tesco, FIA was we talked about setting you go having this like really sitting down, appealing this picture of your wildest ream life and business, right? It's all connectors. And then saying Hey, that's my electric tenure plan and then go from there to your one year goals, right? And your daily making decisions that take you closer to those goals and build a business, according but all of that as one of resident is can change. Of course, when you feel like you're in the wrong lane or you feel like your goals, you crazy dream changed forever Reason right. You outgrew your your you be a part time goals or your big go even Or just, you know your life changed. So that's where we want to talk about pivoting today, which is not the easiest thing to do. Um, and we both plan sharing a little bit. So to get into that I am Can you describe a little bit? How or when did you notice you'd outgrown your current goals or your path? So what? Where the signs for you?

spk_1:   7:49
Yeah, It's such a great question, you know? And I think this thing of wanna save right of that the storey is I can see what those signs are Now. In hindsight, I hate so no, you got it. Just you just, you know, raiding the Mr Met. So it's really hard to see what's going on. I think you know, some of the things that were super clear from me. Yeah, and everyone around me and must say was that I was annoyed by everyone and everything over a year, his grumpy and grow chief have have have a very successful business. Now am end. I allowed. This was I still deal none of my business. But, you know, a client request would command and all I could think about was how My gosh, here are a on going to have to justify my price and going to have to explain why it's important that you hire professional and blah, blah, blah. And I was just really coming from a place of defensiveness, my guest and dissatisfaction. And I just really crapped out with, like it was overnight to our can't really clean it on one singer than axe. And obviously in no industry that we have work in yin and translation and language service tres that can be difficult because many Kinkos don't we don't understand what it is that we do. And as amplified in part from nearly cause. I was working primarily in literary translation, which is even less understood about what was involved in the work or rich that is there as well as just the rights translators have. So it was getting super annoyed with everybody. Ville young Hatley a Medicines was going well. His busy year stoy started to think, Well, it was really just a manner of me not having enough time. So I was hiring more people to help with the literary projects and other projects, and and I know still just didn't have enough time, and that was bothersome. And then I started to get some business coaching, and I think really twigged it from me was when my second business coach said to me, Okay, Nisa even notice business We just look at it on a caper is looking really good a year dissatisfied, somewhat team want and I couldn't answer the question, He added. What I wanted. I had no idea anymore because it really was just about every day getting a doing what had to be done, serving quienes, looking up to my team, and I just What do you mean you don't know what she would want? You know, that's for extend to my staff and was really kind of domino,

spk_0:   11:26
and I so hear you. I want to stress for for those for listening that there is a discrepancy and I'd love to hear taken at between be being stressed or being overwhelmed or being all the things that come with international. From time to time, I am being faced with obstacles, right? Road blocks, and then the other thing that kind of feels like this, this war and and And you feel like you're not, you know, you're you're not you anymore, you know. Do not pass anymore. Everything used to be crystal clear. Used to know why you do what you do, right? So why you were in this who were like you there and where you wanna go And and Sonny deaths, That's, like, gone

spk_1:   12:14
Exactly. And you're so right. Point out that, you know, we all have bad times of periods and things aren't exactly the way we want them, But yeah, it's exactly I actually sent to a friend of mine. I don't feel like me anymore. Really bypassed the I very much. And, like, follow rhinos and Carrie on and everything is good and I set tour. I just I don't even feel like me because and negative I see no way out like it was done. It was actually pretty dire. I think so, Yeah. It's not just the usual dissatisfaction with this or that

spk_0:   13:01
and you start to get really frustrated with yourself, right? So you such a like really? And for me it was like I was really fresh and annoyed with myself, which was like, Okay, how? How, like if he built this thing, he put so much energy and time and effort and blood, sweat and tears like Ninette with marketed it and made it work. And it's been a life by an assembly. You feel like there's like someone just and plaque the joy button has. It's such a good description. Also for Yuko was like The things are described and also the reflection with your business coached and allow that you mention that you have one because you are very seasoned, a very experienced colleague and and I recently mentioned that I have a mindset coach governments as such business coach. And now that I have learned to appreciate the situation, to have someone to just in a mirror self and gain it towards staff that that such a new and fabulous thing for me, I would never wanna work without a coach again. Even though I am coaching other people I still need. It's it's different and from working alone, especially when you're freelancer in New York. You know, not in an office situation, but you really working from your home office or by along some. And almost all the and all the details of the CEO staff of the decisions are on Lou right, which are class. Think about second guessing yourself and overthinking everything. And I feel that a business codes and and someone you really trust and nearly genus Amanda Research Damon Who? Who who's done things that you wanted to you or just someone who who is a great mirror for you to, you know, pitch stuff against and evolve alongside Basically that someone who can really help you become aware and reflect on Is this road block or is this a sign or, you know, multiple science, two killers, a price? So a lot How you how you mentioned that for you? Was it like a gradual thing? Or did he basically wake up one morning or, you know, become aware of something? He was like a switch in the Stanley saw. Okay, any two rivers?

spk_1:   15:30
Yeah, you know, goods. And really good question. It's some hard to say you know, I think it's a a bourses when I decided that I needed business coach, you know, I think one as a very good point that he make We all need help. No way can do everything our understand everything and know everything. And you know, Yong is outside opinions and perspectives to help us figure things out. Oh, yes, absolutely years. So you know that that niece, quite a few year progresses well acted, notched, Take everything on my own short dress and e No, I know that Isn't the professor of this park casted? A Bree will tell me that. Then I went through a really a long period of finding the right coaches. Well, officials, maybe podcast about that. Yeah, so really, it's such a hard saying. Anyhow, I had a really terrible, awful, horrible experiences. It's effective. He can name that. That was good. It also made me realise what I didn't want. The second coach, you know, really, that's when things really started to become clear to me that it's not that I need to get a better system or explain my valley when he pair or seatings from the kinds eyes that it's not a system cross Tess programme in his that I'm dissatisfied with what I'm doing from that to really deciding to give a it was was a long process as well, because like he just said, You know, he built some staying with your heart and soul. It's a part of you and saying Okay, that's done is a process. It's a process of letting Go of greasing are figuring out, You know, I had people working with me have also I going to do about that. So that was a process then I think it was also just like another sort of point in the process. Okay, finalists, this go. We're my going towards What is my taxes? Yes, that one year. So it's this whole thing of of, you know, these many pivot points there is not just one, I guess that ultimately yes, I found

spk_0:   18:14
it's like it's agree, Justin, you sales right is like is like a finding a new north and regis in your sales accordingly, to to sail source that to make tracks

spk_1:   18:24
towards that have suddenly in the wind continues to blow. And so you have to just keep adjusting. Yes, I

spk_0:   18:32
think and for me one question that when I had a hard time and it's still it's still a process. The adjoining. But when I had the hardest time, um, to let go of unga sings, I I you know, f s said with your heightened so on was to to really ask myself, Okay, step off this plane tomorrow or leave this planet from our have be on a hooded right works What do I will leave behind Like a wears that gift I have Barak ham give to a plan at the queenly. Whoever they're kind of makes is a little bit of a better place, and that's not men in an arrogant way. But, you know, to not at least not have a negative and kept to leave something behind that's worth wire or or if you to keep it simple, what I want to be known for be remembered for And then and then that helped me to put things into perspective and to say, OK, all this almost energy overs experience expertise at the community over the years. It's let me to this place, and it's easier to let some things go, even though as skills the mark

spk_1:   19:50
year 100%. And, you know, I think funny it was I needed that question to the asked of me Southern. I could hear it a different way. And when she faced it a bit differently, but it really gone at the same day in which she said to me was up, Go back to you know, when you were really, really happy and senior business and what was it about an act and that majors know happily if you're feeling last now, go back to a time when it was really guard and soon escalated And everyone is that the core was really, you know, 100% still there. I had maybe cleared on the path. But when I, true in wanted, was two inside of me And in some ways that needed easier, because for me, a east wasn't deciding. Okay, I have been an award winning literary translator for 15 years. Now. I'm going to be a cook in our something. Although I will tell us that down. And I thought about things that were come. Who? Leelee urged my lane. Just open up the cost of a key. It so Yeah. Really important to just you know what? If you go to make a change, look at all the auctions observer you as so throw me a ways and then like you, ST Mere was also then appoint to think Okay, pretty managed. And every day, what isn't that you wanna work towards this time so

spk_0:   21:49
And also I think the awareness. And that's something that that's been a long time coming for me. Even though the topic itself has been ever present for years and years news from me, you know, the topic of of dying because of something we all have to face it a point right. But then the awareness that that every day is is a present, right? You don't know what's going to happen. Tomorrow is not not something you can back on me. Either it's next week or next year. So while I I am I am all for and is something I've advocated for long time and absolutely sing behind the embassy and into that while amount for having that big crazy dream and taking deliberate steps towards it, I am. I've grown to learned at loving every single day and allowing what I do and what I'm about in who I am every single day. That's also part of the occasion. So I don't look back at some point and, you know, grief about over days They wasted

spk_1:   23:05
so, so true for me as well, you know? And I think from me, um, a very sensitive person in a very emotional person. And I think that when a guard into that rut of being truly dissatisfied with work, life every day, part of that was coming to the realisation that is up to me the way I feel it's up to me in a way that I react Joel of that we feel something. And all we have is today that the way that we feel we can make deliberate choice is to try to direct our feelings. Of course, we're going to have all kinds of feelings, but, you know, So for me it was getting up every day in saying okay to me, Harrow. I wanted field today. And then what am I going to deals, though that I have the best chance of feeling that way and not from he has made an enormous difference just in the way that I lived my life apart from work in were everything to do with my life. And you really can't recommend at highly enough because like, he stayed as what is the point in being dissatisfied and disgruntled all of the time? This none. There is not settle exactly on your life and side gmr that.

spk_0:   24:46
So I think I'm too like and just reminisce a little bit. Maybe I want to call it. You know, I think that some people, when we start talking about, um credible channelling right or will we start talk about human meditating any morning? I I think both are connected because if you're like need, it's easier for me to channel my farts and let go of unwanted thoughts and will focus on where Wanna focus on when I'm writing it down? That's easy for me. Been sitting and meditating, right? And by we start talking about stuff like that, a lot of keep on. I was one of them a while that working. Okay, that's two for me, right? That's that's not me. And it like action items, which is a while back. We have coffee. Our back, then about credit general ing in a lot how one of our guests, John Arden, mentioned at she decided on one emotion she want to feel that day. And she she gave, like, I think she gave openers as an example, right? And she said she was like, shit. That's kind of the emotion that on the flag of her ship for that day that she sailing under And I think that connect so so handsomely toward you Just said to really be aware, make a conscious decision of how you wanna feel and then make that happened for yourself.

spk_1:   26:20
Yes. Yeah, and you know it. I completely hear you two of the whoa and you know, they're from fest. Just letting off heading that go from me took Not that everyone has to do their summing to works free Rand by. I think that it can hurt any of us to be mined for Kendall, any of us to acknowledge the way we are feeling or designed and that we would like to feel differently. Nah, just within our power, for all of us and and a truly makes the biggest difference whether you meditate whether you woo in any effort or where he just that once in posting, I met a long way.

spk_0:   27:17
Absolutely. And I mean nobody. No, she better than yourself, right? And then you know yourself and you know that a combination of really sitting down riding and and also that's why that's prob Mamani Martine just taking the dog out for a walk and really walking in the woods and not listening to music. A podcast at that time, it's just really like now. Nothing on my years like and just really in the moment with her focusing on her focus. The one Santa's we drive a little bit, so I have like it's really almost great Wild outdoor say, that's really, like just perks on and you know, the forest and sunrise and immediately, a pretty early and and will be in the moment So there could be former of you focusing on on you right before you Saturday and and setting expectations for yourself or planning out your What do you want to do today? What See on North Ko for today in focusing on there, I am reflecting on there. Or, of course, if that's you, you can sit down and listen to a meditation, apt guided medication there so many of them out there and they can pick and choose your favourite one. If if that's closer to what works for you, or even just not even Afghan imitation, there's, um there's just tennis, then music that you can listen to kind of dive into Europe you meditation practise, right? And just let go in practise there. So whatever works for you. Uh, I think that explore that and make that happen for un and see if they're works for you, right?

spk_1:   28:58
Exactly. And and you know you can lose nothing by trying and miss it doesn't work for you. I totally hear that, you know, And the as far as meditation goals that have always been reticent to do a least meditation busy is many of our minds, are it? And then I did some kind of meditation czar for friends of Mile. Do this more talk to me insured with peace and visual his Asians and my caution will never gonna be too well, you know what kind of all starts our attitude has been going as well. By really have founded helps many murders that she get out in the words with your dog and that is a form of meditation in a home making a nice, beautiful mountain Express the hobbling steam in your love that can be a form of meditation. Just taking a moment for you to do something the even joy and that they're free unit is no input. You know their music report. Those can come. Lehner.

spk_0:   30:16
It wasn't my mind's not spinning. Why No used to it, and he used to say, while I relax with broadcast. But I learned about myself that that's not true. As soon as a listen to Park is it's that have a tonne of them have so my favourites. But I wanna write down staff that they inspire me right. They educate me there. Elevate me and Anna get all these cards and heads. That's winning, which is great. But it's not what you want to do when you will reflect on earlier on the right path. Is this what you want from India? Heart of hearts. So for me, and it's settled with gardening and her realise okay, when a Really when, um, really like in the moment, and just planting tomatoes during whatever and not listening to without any important really unplugged the then then that's what When I can start to really just be quiet and said myself and just, you know, come come

spk_1:   31:09
back to myself Exactly. Because, you know, I think any of doing any of you know, like he staying weather is seeing some sort of import that weeks he started paying her want to do something. That lot of doing can prevent her from really acknowledging that he may be well, not exactly where we want to be. And what can we do about that? There's this constant push forward, Narcisse. Piety, General light feast days. And I think that, you know Ultima weekend can be a roadblock to finding where we really one of these 100% agree?

spk_0:   31:56
Yes. Okay, so we talked about some science We thought about how become aware of of the science that you may be one reflect on your path and your goals. And if you're in the right line, if you've got the right north, Ko feared a saying towards and so for you When you when you will You got to the point where you knew okay? You You needed him, or you should maybe provide him when you're contemplating that to be in a happier place to be happy. Aye. You. What were the things that house you back or that you know, that you felt hindered? You like taking that step for yourself?

spk_1:   32:41
Fear, You know, fear, Wife. I leave this this Nissen start insulting newer shift to pave it our head in a different direction and doesn't work with than, um she, I know have to say that shame was a part of it for me. There is this perception that we have that other people spheres in a certain way. And what if I change? Oh, yes. How are people can look at me will have you know I and achieved people translators wanted. Which is to translate some incredible works for some major publishers to an awards for it. What are they going to stay if I say no docking? That's from me anymore. That was really hard. I think the other thing that start to me is my face. They initially it was just I wasn't sure what I was riveting to sona was just a really long time and process. The figuring, figuring that you said in earlier to gist. Judging yourself. Him? You know why? Why can't I just keep going this way? It actually is working. If I could just get over myself through with me, you know, it's working. It's successful. I can It has Persian key going. And you know what's wrong with me that I am unable to get through this. So yeah, and, you know, and then fear of just Well, okay, I just start and trying to figure in his helmet gonna support myself financially. So yeah, all kinds of religious, ultimately negative emotions were were truly start to Eva, where for those you know, change probably could have happened must much more quickly. But the motions are paralysed than that. It's part of the process.

spk_0:   35:05
Well, thank you for for sharing their so openly ado think it's it's vied or because I I want to make sure that everyone who listens was listening to us, understands that they're not alone. And fear of of being judged by other people, not just colleagues or Tommy was also been judge by love ones. Right? Who were like this? This question. I was asking myself, What's wrong with me? Why can I just enjoy this in keep building as I was imagining, or having like expecting my love ones and also, of course, colleagues in France, Business Congress to kind of either ask neither their question open leaking or at least get it so that fear of an outside judgement in an also of course the fear. Everything you you bails everything you've worked so hard for to become financially independent and free years of of that every floor, depending on where you are in your in your pan on your path and then letting that go and start from from zero. And then, of course. But for me, and I think I kind of heard you say that I wanna really stress it was was one of the major concern me was that inner critic is sometimes my the loudest voice in my head right and asking myself, Why? Why should I be successful with that? So whom I like Who? My that that I have the right to to do that, to share that, to, to even dream of doing that and making their living or building that in two business,

spk_1:   36:48
right? You know, it's stir show this whole time in a fact, I was even writing to voice this. Tunisia's today. My dad is long gone, He cast away 15 years ago. I could still hear what he would have sent it. I said as I was doing this shift, and that's mean at 100% me, you know, And yes, the worrying about what Stanley's gonna saying, partner, and it's important for both have employed. It's important we figure this out, but the judgement really never came from anywhere 100% inside of me. Elias. And it's certain interesting thing to OnStar as you're going through it. The for the most part, people are going to be happy for you when they just wanting to be happy and the way on to do its ourselves, that really trying to hold this, that this incursion we have others were think,

spk_0:   38:02
Oh yes, anything something to keep in mind would also be. And that's something basic that that Sally Nash something that that I talk about a lot over attack bod, content, marketing and riding for other people, right and pitching your business to other people. Marketing a business is that I remind people when you're writing content that you want others to read and to, you know, to just noticed flyover really dive into and make an impact in their lives and then make sure to set your value in context through their lifetime movie. On other words, usually say channel, you're in a gondola ride your your guide or your whatever your job description is for them. But the points every one of us is car inside their lifetime movie, where we, the hero range everything circles around us and and when we expect other people to take such a huge interest in us, I think that sometimes we will release. I am reflect. Probably I. I learned from herself that a lot of people or other people, as he said people wonderfully in general, people wish you well and happy for you if you happy. But you're when it comes down to in a feel with just the blood in their day today, right? We just a blip popping up and on their face for Paige. And so we don't have that huge roll. India lives will be sometimes expect to have

spk_1:   39:34
a trail, and it makes me laugh because we are all the centre of our own universe ships and we We like to staying chorus somehow a understand what we do impacts everybody else and really just isn't really obvious train. We want to be in a kind, considerate, compassionate people so that when we do impact other people, it's positive. Rhett really likely stay where, um, do it on their Facebook page, You know, in the morning when they get out and honest the air just getting on. Yes, he should just conceded in ocean this Hulsman to ignore ocean that I do is so important. Enter sin has to be

spk_0:   40:31
and it's I think that's one more thing to to let go of when you do the favour. Thing in that gives you that connect as a propeller when you really less and release right and the world you think you have. I am like that. You know, when you really reflect on it, when you won't face the when you go tins released and time on line linking whoever you are every hanging out and and you just do a stroll thing right. And if either of those people accused J just scroll past, even if you like their staff, even if you put a comment on a please do because we live for that. But even then, how much like, how long do you think about them? This is like 30 seconds. Maybe a minute in and don from your Rada. Right? And Yvonne was your life so really of free to do whatever the heck you want and Joe Connor to kind of connect that to our next 21 1 for tourists. With the harsh in a voice that we both experienced lease ended, he also mentioned Is that something? I think that business, coaching and section it was her who said And when you wanna put kind is out into the world on your about mindfulness NuStar have towards reflection and being considered and and generous and kind and all the good things should you start with yourself. I am, If you can be kind to yourself and encouraging and all the good things How how can you truly be kind to towards others?

spk_1:   42:06
Yes. Yeah, that is. You know, it seems so simple, but so many of us lose sight of that along the way. We can be very good. There is an offer, a great deal of our cells in our knowledge and our experience to work. I and he kind in good to the people and our lives. And yet there's the, you know, my nasty critics in our own heads that are not kind to ourselves. It's really it's distressing and sad. And But I do feel that more and more is being top to power and the big issues happening in a direction, and I 100% great. We can take it to ourselves. How can we to anybody?

spk_0:   42:56
Exactly. And I think that circumspect to taking time in the morning a Philip you if you take charge of your morning and getting a great starting to your day than the rest of the day, kind of tends to fall into place. Not not always, of course, right there's of of times, but taking the time to have little routines at. Treat yourself well, making coffee for yourself. Meditate. Whatever works for you, we said this before really starts today of an a positive mood. Am being good to yourself from the get go, whatever that means for you and for me, it means waking up and counting math lessons and then beginning our smooching hub and and then getting dressed and taking the dugout for work. For me, let's were work. But having business role teams in place make for good morning for you and that then hopefully makes for great day. You

spk_1:   43:54
relate us, and I think it's also important to remember that at any point during the day, they know when the stresses of whatever it might happen to be come over you are show over you. You can take another two minutes, has start graves. You can signed whatever environment you're in and just change it. It doesn't have to be from our because again, it's all. It's all inside from inner world. Yes, absolutely

spk_0:   44:32
clear to not beautiful toward um toward Marina said last week. Dr Mona, who shakes on air time with me last week, and she said someone asked in the chat When we live streaming what you do when when you are this overwhelmed and you can't really see straight anymore. And she is that the best thing you can do in this? Of course, insured, right? This is a quick fix is to release step out of the situation. Brief compact to yourself and in Stark. Your whatever he do she works with AM are, which is awareness mirroring responsibility. But whatever works for you, whatever you do to get yourself back in into you, right to to get back into un the yourself and breathe out and also detach yourself from from the outcome of our efforts. Stressing you right if that liked price negotiation and now you mention it going in and a notes one of the most stressful situations we all facing right, it's It's the one that our is coming up or whatever is white. Whatever drama surrounding, you can always step back, brief and reassess before you react. Diaz locally. So we talked about the signs that pointed towards pivoting. We talked about the things that held us back, and one has to How did you awoke Ham Those hurdles was shifted for you, Or what did you make happened for you? For yourself to overcome all the things that initially held you back, he

spk_1:   46:17
really was pretty much a meeting with. We've just been talking about it really was a stepping back, taking time, reflecting, um, a really just not making any hasty decisions, allowing myself to be to be a loss, to be a directionless, to have those fails. This kind of muffing in the wind there and till to just listen. Listen to myself. Think about what made me happy when I want it. And pre Miss took, you know, an entire sabbatical from my business. Some of it just carried on without me, which is always wonderful, and and some of it just fell away and parts that away as and needed to go, However, billing was time just taking bit of time.

spk_0:   47:26
And And I do wanna come back to work You mentioned earlier when you said grieving was part of it, and that's absolutely okay because our businesses are are not just our livelihoods, but we usually when we talk about entrepreneurs and start ups and freelance serous when every job description isthe and we build that stuff from the from the ground and we created something out of nothing, right? So it's a Cajun grief for that when you pivot and when you start a new

spk_1:   47:56
yes, yeah, and you know it's not only OK going to happen, get okayed a waste. A crowd of leaving like you say a part of yourself behind and India. And you know, it doesn't have to be sad, aching, be perfectly the right thing. But it is. It is emotional and

spk_0:   48:26
Allegri absolutely 1% with on the green part and also on the reflecting there. Nothing was in Wayne in everything I did to their points of the hours over everything right, The hours, the energy and the time, the the stress that that brought me wear. And today an hour has its its you know, it's wait and it's it's sends in in whatever scheme to have next, right?

spk_1:   48:59
Aye. So true, So true. And I really feel that, you know, it's interesting. Always approached life that way to really, truly have no regrets. What? I do things differently. If I had the chance again, quite possibly. But to never regret anything because it does make you who you are. It did bring people and situations and wonderful things into your life. And you probably did have a very good impact on certain people are projects for things. And all of that is good. Just doesn't mean you need forever.

spk_0:   49:42
Absolutely true. Okay, I allowed our conversations of higher and I want before we wrap it up for the day, I want to get into, like, the action items the tangible stuff that can really act. Um, so my question till you would be Lisa, where would you tell our listeners if their card in situation they feel Dave are grown? Yeah,

spk_1:   50:10
I relating that a number one just to acknowledge it. Mrs A. Okay, maybe this is the case, and it's oh, came. Take a moment. Don't feel that. Just listen to that voice and file of the feeling in your girt New motions that you're having nearly as something else. Really. Just pay attention and it's okay to feel like at and in a down, you know, throw you'd is away tomorrow for anything, But just take a moment, take it. Dating who week, take a month and score a what in not along with a period of time in the world will continue to revolve. And he you will be fine. In fact, you can be much better than fine if we take that time.

spk_0:   51:11
I love that. Especially near the world will go on for you. Get back to that being a people's radar and it's really have the time to reflect and to relief Dai 50 Been to what would make us happy, right? Yes. And I want to close with first. Thanks. Thanks to attempt it so much for joining me on air lease. I was such a joy talking to you as always. I do hope if you listen to recent me that we were ever fields by you to make this life the happiest you can make it. It's up to you to create excitement for yourself. Create for yourself in Creede that happiness that makes you so. So the insanely happy for your cup is running over and we can you can, you know, paid forward and share it with your community. Dis planner, Your industry would adhere. Whatever your situation is, whoever works for for you and with that Thank you so much, Lisa. They harassed them by so far

spk_1:   52:28
has. Now I just wanna say that I appreciate for merch or that you do for your entire community in turns of, you know, sharing the starts and tipped the 90 years and you know your energy and what you're striving forests the worth. While Anke Far

spk_0:   52:49
only said that means the world. You know, you're the hue. Let a huge inspiration from me And you know, every time we talk and we have a little chat or even just exchanging messages is always so inspiring. And I just the door, you know, that he might likewise a k guys. And with that having one before address of the Friday, if you will, his life and they happy is the healthy Stay safe. And may the space between where you are now and where you want to be inspired you to greatness and kindness in mind. Farmers. I see you next week. Bye bye.