The Buddhified Podcast

#4: Mindful Mantras

October 21, 2019 Season 1 Episode 4
The Buddhified Podcast
#4: Mindful Mantras
The Buddhified Podcast
#4: Mindful Mantras
Oct 21, 2019 Season 1 Episode 4
Nicole König
Do you have a quote, a mantra, something your grandma (or your kindergarten teacher) said that helps you carry on, keep your cool, keep your balance when lemon days happen?
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“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

You know those little snippets of wisdom, things your grandma (or your kindergarten teacher) said that help you carry on, keep your cool, keep your balance when lemon days happen?

Here are mine - and I'd LOVE to learn yours!
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the higher you go, the greater the dragons You have to slay Judge Brett. Welcome to the booty Fed podcast. My name is Nicole, and this is Episode four Mindful mantras. What? Okay, so for this episode of the beautified podcast, I'd like to share with you some of the mantras and some other quotes. Um was living in just a couple of words, kind of string, kind of a string of awards that helped me just keep my head. You know, unlike a sane place and not get lost in all er the rebel and not get lost in the in the business as usual because sometimes you as not for new, are you. And you were 17 heads, as do I. And there's conversations and people and situations that you might make you feel uncomfortable. Um, I feel like a bit off Drammen that's brought to your doorstep. They're stuffed. You take to heart, and you shouldn't. Um and that's just me. Of course. Right way talk about in front of exciting afternoon over. Well, but what? Spin it a little bit and just, um, focus for today and hopefully every day. But for today, we'll do it on the show. Focus on the good stuff. The stuff that, um I mean, you can call it a dumbo feather or mind over matter. Believe influences biology, whatever you want. But for simply good girl like me, the mantras and just a little, um, helpers has around myself with some of them up on my office wall, something I'm just really deeply planted and rooted in my brain. Um, when push comes to shove, they helped me keep my head on my shoulders. And I hope that I know not everyone can. Everything like I share with you today can be a winner. But I hope that some of them are, you know, helping you to keep your head on your shoulders and, you know, keep that sanity around you and said things into perspective. But the main thing I want to come in today is that you are not, um, the outcome of a conversation You're not, um, a nasty email you receive. You're your own person and you have your dreams and goals and aspirations as to your client's. As to your business partners, your acquaintances, your colleagues, your friends, your family, your loved ones, everyone and we're all called up in our, um I wouldn't call it a lifetime movie, right. So we see the world around us. Um, from the perspective with those tinted glasses were where tended by emotions and by our goals and greens and memories and fears and all those things. So what do you do to just help you keep that sanity, you know, front and center for me? As I said, it was simple girl. I just realized that a lot of the stuff I pick up when I'm reading listening to podcasts, um, surrounding myself with inspirational people, Um, expression, content, all sorts off off, um, words and stories that, um, inspire me and carry me and, you know, let that fuse and kindle a fire that keeps me going. So I pick up tidbits from those and those, but it's helped me whenever I phase, Um, a situation that just haunts me, right That I take close the heart of the ocean. Um, that I come all over and they're so thought Carousel, right? Just going around in my head. So those quotes a mantra is Help me two. Get get off the carousel. Get back onto the path and keep walking. Um, long story short. I want to share some of them with you today. Um, and I hope they do you a world of good. So the first mantra slash quote I share with you. Let me just read that to you again. The higher you go, the greater the dragons. You have to say, just practice it. That what I took away from that is one. Um, I have this fixation on that purpose. Um, and it's gotten to a point. And that's something that, if feels, she encouraged. And she kind of can't kindle within me. It's getting to a point that I feel my calling. Um, my meaning, My I'm staying away from a word like legacy because that's not really what I'm going to fort, but short. But, um, let's anything I'll leave behind the thing I want to be remembered for, So that calling that that, um, fixation on my purpose on the good I want to do in the world on the change I want to create for myself and for others, um, to divest different abilities. Of course, that calling is stronger and louder than the fear, and that's saying something. I am a high, any sensitive introvert there. I said it. I shared with you and that comes with a whole lot off anxiety and overwhelm. Every time I step into, you know, a situation where there's people I need like a group of people to talk to or recording a podcast. It's a big deal for me. It comes with weak knees. It comes with, um, I don't know, goose bombs, just anxiety circling around me. It comes with sword camera cells and all those things. So I would be happiest just just reading all the live long day by the pond, Um, and not like stepping out into the arena in any way. But I know that there's a calling for everyone, and I know that the way to define my brush stroke in a big picture to define my color, my structure and two impact the lives that have been a positive way to, you know, create change based on my talents and my craft and all the things I learned so far in my life. So all the good that I can do, like hardly anything of those any of those good things I can do behind closed doors, Um, in my tiny little bubble off lists. Right. So I need to start out there from one. Make a change. Um, so I do. But it doesn't mean I you know, I love the attention. So I'd much rather redirected detention, too. Anything I can create, whatever that iss, right, be it, um, the bloody fight entrepreneur course. Because I know so much love and devotion went into that, and I hoped it would do a world of good. So happy with that kind of attention, I'm not happy with attention that goes towards my person or standing up and talking to people. Um, a dressing room. Oh, my gosh, that's like hard. But, um, Long story long in this case, this discrepancy each print kind of, um, encouraged me to. To what? My path. With that, I'll come in mind and ask myself for everything I do for every decision I make for every step I take on my path. Um, is this my next best step? Or am I, um, kind of lingering Keira selling because, you know, fear holding back unexamined fears, like, is big topic in my life. So overcoming that working to, um said that fear working Thio not let that hold me back on my path. That's a big topic. So, um, just having this review today is is, you know, a glimpse into my kind of behind the scene into my brave andi. I've done it before, but I think I've never gotten gun dusty. So, um, let me know if this helps in any way. Um, and that quote by just bread was something that, um, Specter train of thought That really helped me, too. Oh, like, step off that no train and step into the I want to do this train. Right. Um, it had me learned that every stumbling block every time, um, your apple climb is interrupted by a pothole by times, men in the wrenches time spent on your knees even every time you were your graft as a dip, your emotional strength, your soul, your how'd of hearts has a chance to do a growth spurt to do some growing. Um, that as me is not painful. That doesn't mean it's all flowers and sunshine and you know about the flies circling you like, you know, send around. She gets when she gets ready and dressed by all her little for friends. Um, but it's a chance to to grow from a place that that is ultimately you. Right, Um, and you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps because you're growing as a person and your business will be better for you, too. Everything move that it would be better for it. Right. Um, if you're like me, you love comfort and safety. But diving into this this thing called mindfulness and that I need to My purpose helped me see that sometimes we love those things. Comfort and safety so much that we stick to jobs, nieces, people, relationships in any form they come, um, that don't notice us anymore. That harm us even. And that certainly don't help us work. Walk that path. That leads to our destination toward destiny. Let's say, um, with grace and purposeful and with integrity and kindness, generosity and all those things that are so, so, so important to me. So the alternative to, um I always wanted to be or I was going to do and that sense of regret that you get when you stay in your little sum of safety and kind of, you know, stay in their comfort zone, Return it for me. And the path I chose is the best kind off. What if, um, whatever. Dare to live the life that makes me insanely happy? What if I dare to And I'll fill in the blank with, you know, whatever comes to your mind immediately when you hear that, what if I dare to? So, for me, waas, they're into blessing release a huge lesson. I learned, Um, it was daring to be insanely happy and make a conscious choice to put myself first, um, with self care and self love and self empathy. And it's a work in process but processes it. It iss right, um and there's a lot of facets to the ultimate goal, But the festive in terms off the insane happiness is that I want to be so happy that my cup is running over and it's spilling. That happen, as in that bliss. And I'd love onto the people around me onto my community, my tribe in terms off the people who see the universe, I see it or, um, have a similar Coco's. The people that, um, I get to um, impact in some way. And I think that's all you can ask for in this life, right? That at some point you're having an impact on someone and make their life a little bit better. Um, turned the day around to make them feel better about themselves. Make them breathe a little easier making stop worrying. Um, so that's the great thing that can come from, You know, a life lived on purpose. So Judge Preds quote, it's one that just accompanies me in my day today, it's up in my office wall. Um, it just reminds me that sometimes flood me, um, and sometimes just takes, um, a bit off pleasant release, too. Realized that there's dragons along the way. And they get my dear, when the path you know, when the as you walking on your path unless you go about your business and go about your purpose. But those dragons are part off your experience here. Okay, so that's long story Long on winter one. Um, I hope the next one wants for you one facility. So I tried to elaborate a little bit, and I'm here for you if you need more liberation. But let me Try to give it to your short and sweet So next mantra Don't be all things to everybody Let let me a little bit Just a little bit Not being all things to everybody And kind of consciously stepping out of that has a lot to do with swapping fear of missing out four joy of missing out and that can look like that can take so many different forms that I just wanna give you a couple of examples How that, um, joyous missing out showed up on how that looked like what it looked like for me. Um, letting go off with missing out letting off the hunt can mean something s simple as not buying the next course. Not buying, um, the next advertised extreme or anything that's advertised and pushed, you know, onto you. Um, but really being conscious about what you need, Um, how anything you do serves your big, crazy dream, and then just, you know, make that next best decision for yourself. For me, it could be something, um, as big. I guess it iss as picking inish. Um, or it could be something as huge and life defining as pivoting out of ah, knees out of community. Out of all the things I knew and I feel comfortable with and like, felt you don't define me but didn't fulfill me anymore. And then re adjusting your sales and picking a new um what ISS These community, um, market platform. But do you consciously? Because as entrepreneur and even if you're not entrepreneur as a person, as you you are the boss of your own life. You don't need to be all things to everyone. You conserve the people you would love as a capital L. O v Andy, you would love to work with. You can choose to enhance your area of brilliance or choose a different area that off brilliance that makes you happy. Yeah, you can work with your favorite audience in mind and just, you know, stand up and out for what you believe in. One of the questions that kind off comes back up again and again. Where we talk about, you know, about missing down we talk about professionals is the question about, um I don't repel anyone. I want to lose any job, and I'm gonna lose any project one lose any by air with let's say my website copy or I'm the way I shop on social media. The way a market my business because you need me, Grant. Right? But what I keep saying, Andi, I'm happy to say here, Is that the same way you're? I'm very specific and dare to bu and stand up and out for something and plant your flag, including your values, your code of ethics, the way you define integrity for yourself. The initial pig. Um, the audience you want to serve, um, the same way that then where you're showing up for yourself and standing up and out for something repelled some people, it will immensely attract the people who need exactly what you have an offer. So while you will, of course, have people reading your stuff meeting you online, you will probably never see them eating one man because you're not a lot of people. A lot of eyes on your stuff. You would never get that personal connection. People see your stuff. They realize it's not for them. They walk off into the sunset, and that's the best where you conserve them and yourself, even though they will never be. Buyers never work with you because you saved yourself and those rip help people, Um, a ton of time. Also, hard egg and brainpower. Nervous and all those things. But also, you know, I wanna come like folks on the time here, because time is the one thing we can't make more off. So saving yourself and whoever feels they're not a right fit for you or you for them, time is like a huge service. You're doing them when you're doing yourself so well, Lefty, bring to this and in a different part can we talk about content value and how to create that kind of content that really, um, reaches and speaks to the people you want to serve for Now, let me just mention that it's okay to repel. It's OK to not be out there. Um, the exact moment some project hits the hits. You know, social media, and you're not the first person to your air react. Um, it's okay to say no, because the price circumstances or just a gut feeling, um, tells you that it's better to let go of that kind of that fire. It's okay to stand up and out for something. It's okay. to plant your flag, and it's absolutely okay in a super smart business. Move. Moving also a super smart move in terms off. Sell Flo from self care and walking your path to not be all things to everybody. The next mantra That's part of my day today and up in my office. Well, is this one? Imperfection is in Everybody Let me just I never just a little bit. It's a okay to drop the ball. I think the point off being on this entrepreneur path off building a business bid from something to something bigger, be it creating something out of nothing. I think the point off off this whole big back off 17 CEO heads and late nights midnight are all the things you put on your shoulders when you're you know, you say screw it to the 9 to 5, Um, and and dive into that entrepreneur world is the personal growth and professional growth. You go ahead and hand. So the way I see it, the way I approach it is I know imperfections and everybody I know I dropped the ball on oil fail. Um, but I do my best to be feel us about it. I sew up. I played a smaller that can, Um, I do my best. I get feedback. I grow, I repeat, because that's the best you can do, right? And it looks wonderful. I feel to that, um, notion, as I mentioned before, to make the next best decision for yourself and for your business to be, Feel us about it, or aspirin. A Brown would say, I love her. Um, she says to dare greatly, and I think that's such a amazing way to look at it. The next mantra kind of thing that's up from Office Wall and guiding me through my day today is this one. Treat everyone like it's Deborah. Stay that includes yourself. The thing to keep in mind here is that you're worthy and your voice matters. So speaking off voice, let me make mention that, um, I think you're worthy and I feel you and I see you and I see your purpose and the good you can do in the world even and especially if you're a voice, a voice for good, for the things you believe in for all the change you can create in the world. So you don't have to be the voice. Don't strive to be Oprah, right? Strive to be a contributor for all things good off other things you believe in. You don't need to be a guru, and I hope you won't become a go in terms off. You know, being up, down, around preaching. Be a voice. Make sure your message carries to your core audience. So maybe they're just here is to get over yourself and focus on the people who want to serve and how you can do them a world of good. And as I said before, I mean just mentioned again. I think the greatest happiness, the graves joy comes from, um, standing up in out for your one thing so you can impact someone, too. Feel better about themselves to breathe out, to stop in their tracks because I just realized their purpose and to make their life just a little bit better. The next mantra leg thing that's from our office wall is this one work smart and the super short I know, but it's a huge step in the right direction I took. See, I used to be exhausted. That used to be my like usual state of being. Um, I used to be very fragile person, and burning the midnight oil was just business as usual. But I felt like I was running out of time because there's only so long you can do the burning midnight oil thing. And you can be your most frazzled, exhausted, self overwhelmed as, ah, just normal state of things until you hit a brick wall, right? So for me, the realization that I had to protect the core asset, which is me, Yeah, that was a huge game changer. So let me put that you know towards you and put it on your table. I want to invite you to protect your core asset. You can look at it from a business point of view. You can look at it from a This is my life point of view, but your court s a tissue. And like I mentioned before, that's one thing you can't multiply and that's time. So managing your time and making time for yourself making time for self care, for self love, for self empathy, for meditation. Taking a walk every day, um, sitting down with a book, drilling, um, dancing, making love taking your puppy out for walk anything that makes you feel good taking a bath. That's a big one for me. Just, you know, being in the tub listening to my favorite podcasts are all your book. Um, that's like a thing that I cherished. It's just time. That's me. Time right and working your butt off. I mean, that's amazing. But if you are in your son of passion in your zone of purpose, um, doing what's right and good for your business and for yourself, that's great. That's awesome. And I wanna, like, belittle. And anyway, I'm doing the same thing. But there's a time and place for everything, and I don't believe that you can sustainably grow a business that's all around nourishing in glue, including nourishing you. Um, with 80 hour work week. That's just not a long term plan, right? So, as I said, work smart. It's one of the things that's that's that's like a mantra that's been accompanying me. Um, for me, the way to do that is to, as I call it, outsource the rest. Um, there's things I'm good at. Ah, this thing's I love doing. They don't know they're not always the same things. These things. I'm really, really good. And those are my money makers. And there's also the things, um, that I really want to do all day long because they fulfill me right talking brand strategy with a client that's like that makes me come alive, right? That's just Qingling my brain to, like overdrive. Writing, copy, editing. Copy. That's those things. Make me happy. They fought for me to a degree that I never thought possible and never saw it coming. If you had told me that that would be something, um, I do for a living full time. Um, let's say, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, How it is left of the door, Probably right. But those things. So, Sami, what doesn't fulfill me is bookkeeping. Um, so I delegate that, um, there's other things, of course, tons of things. Um, any kind off back office management. I delegate that, um, content management. I haven't delegated that because they're really smart systems for that, which is kind of the same thing. It's It's an e helper, but it's still a helper. Right? So if you heard me talk about how I, um, did my content 1 80 on and put everything on travel and saved, I think easily, um, two hours a day from my office time just by having those systems in place. That was a game changer for me. And I'm not using that term lightly. Um, So these things that don't fulfill you make you insanely happy Or and or I'm going to say, um, are your money makers in terms of your incredibly good at them? And you can't outsource them because you were the best in your that, you know, doing that. Those things are your core, like your core to juice, Do them and delegate the rest. Work smart. Add value to your set up to your process to your business that you're creating and minimize your hours so you can protect the core asset. Which issue? Use those hours. You shave off your daily workload your weekly office time to add some U turn to the mix. Um, pull them, take a vacation, take a drink trip or just use them for, you know, self care. Self love. Give some examples early off the effort that looks like for me. I would love to hear what that looks like for you. So working smart for me was like a huge thing. And I hope it will be for you, too. Finally. And the last thing I want to share with you today, this mantra, Big fists, small pond that we live in a little bit, Um, the Internet world. And if you're not turning online, you know what I'm talking about, Um is incredibly noisy. There's tons of platforms you can feel like you have to shop on every single one of them, even if you're smart about it and choose one or two was just always what I, you know, suggest to my clients. Um, even if you're just on one platform, you can feel like the smallest little you know, fishing a huge pond. But the victim has changed. And that's the beauty of it. Where Brandon used to be, um, the game off like huge, huge companies with immense budgets for marketing advertising. Now it's up to you to plant your flag, stand up and out for something and just grow reputation and report. It's a step by step thing. It's not always easy. It's a steep climb, but acclimate ISS and big fish small pond means nothing more. Nothing less than the smaller the niece, the smaller the, um, potential audience you want to reach, the easier it will be, too. Get beyond that noise and have your message heard by the people who need to hear it. Because whenever your offer is whatever you have to bring to this world, be it a course, some kind of educational journey, a product, a service, whatever it is you do, there's a market for it or in the terms I can, you know, relate to. More. Easy is that there are people who need exactly what you have to give, and it's your job. As you marked your own businesses. You market your you offer to find those people and to create that kind of relationship. That makes for one win in the long term. So the smaller the pond, the easier it will be to become a big fish. It's still work in a stone apple climb, but I do believe that taking up space in your niece and making that Mitch the smallest viable needs you can make it means lowering the bar and the pressure for your self. Um, it's work to find your voice. Um, just set your value in context in a smart, authentic way. It's work to find that that way of communicating what you have to bring in context with what your audience needs and wants and how to explained to them that you're and you've heard me say this before. But you're the gun off that you will make their journey shorter, sweeter, safer, successful. That's what your role is in their lifetime movie, right? So setting your value and you're often to context to there left her movie that's huge. She like it like a huge thing to do. That's major for your business, but it becomes easier when you were crystal clear on who you want to serve on what you wanna bring to the table on what you have. An offer. What makes you deck and off, and it becomes easier with the smaller The niche is, the easier it gets, too, I should say simpler, the simpler it gets, too, to get there to be hurt and to be a voice that cuts through the noise. Um, and that's and that's your job, right, because you wanna servant audience in Well, you're suffering in multiple multiple ways, but one of the ways to serve them miss to let them see you And let them, um, draw from you and, um, bring to the doorstep value in a way that they see it. They can like they can let it into the door so they can understand it. Right? So any time you send something out there in terms off, um, it could be content. It could be whatever it iss. Right. Um and I'm not talking. You're making a sale. I'm talking your marketing yourself. So this could be something else. Quote unquote tiny as, um, a social media caption. It could be something as quote unquote big as a podcast. I'm episode. But in time you step out into the light and let yourself be seen that it must be heard. That's when you have, ah chance to to him to make an impact, right, to reach someone and make a change for for in their life. And if your audience of people you want to serve with whatever you have on offer, um, walk away from your content that the things you bring on two they're online stage. If they walk away from that with something I can use in their real life. That could be a thought. Your spark. It could be something that can actually use, like, physically use whatever it iss. Um, that's how you spark conversation, communication community and all the good things that come from that. So big fish, small pond. Finally, um, I want to quote I want to share core brother um, by Brendan Brown. Um, if you have a chance. If you are Netflix user, look crap, she has an amazing, um, next week's program. I think it's called daring greatly, and I think the quote is in there, too. That's the way I got it from, but it's in that. True, The quote is this. If you're not in the arena, I'm not interested in or open to your feet back. And when he goes on to explain that, um, cheap see judgment and criticism and hurtful things that wave around the Internet, there are all over social media. We come across them online a lot more than we come across more flying. Just It's just the way the the online world works. But all those things are of no concern to those in the arena. She calls it daring greatly. Um, so, she explains her invites you to let all the drama the criticism fall to the wayside and be on your way. And don't take feedback from people who are not in the arena with you. I want to take it a step further. Rather said it in context for how it works for me and how I hope it. Will you no work for you and bring you value. I learned to not take criticism from anyone from anyone who's not right there by my side. What I did learn to do what I do frequently. D'oh! It's ask for critique, though, Um, and I asked for critique from people who get me who, um, understand me. I asked Pretty from People who proven have proven their worth and value because they have my back and they will continue to have my back. Um, and the difference for me is that one. Those are people who know what the such they're talking about. And two, it's critique, not criticism. Critique from yes, focus on your needs, your goals and your path. And it's a way to dissect your approach to see what works, what doesn't to see what you need to bless and release to see what to double down on, to see what to take with you on your journey and what to unload right then and there that that's what critiques about right. It's just a way to help you get better. Kind of kind of jump start you towards the next level off your journey. So that's something I seek out, And I were I would invite you to to contemplate taking that out, too, would you? No need, though. Is anyone telling you, too, that you don't belong? Um, that you're enough or that you're worth? Can we negotiate it? You carry your worth and value inside your heart, right? You know who you are. Make that the core of your business. You can negotiate on projects and contracts on rates on prices, but never negotiate on your feeling. Also self worth on your level of self care off taking yourself seriously and making yourself a priority. Never negotiate on that and never let anyone have an impact on that That's not in your corner and has proven to be in your corner in the past. Before I leave you today and wrap things up, I would invite you to look at it. From this point of view, start building a reputation with yourself. First, free yourself from other people's opinion or from what you think their opinion is from what you interpret into their looks into their words, to whatever they say. Because everything that's an interaction with another person means it's tinged by their emotions when their lifetime movie. And they're looking at the situation from their point of view from what their life is like a that moment in time, which has nothing to do with you. So I learned that comparison is the opposite of joy for me. I learned to focus on my own path, keep my eyes on my own paper, would stay in school and compare myself only to me yesterday. So a question you could ask yourself to jump started that is Emma better than I was yesterday. Am I better then? I was a month ago, a year ago, five years ago, 10 years ago and just look it from that point of view, striving to be a better person every single day it's I think there's no overlap or hardly any overlap between a zone of comfort and a son of growth. So the madrassa shared with you today, of course, catered to that because perspective and gratitude is what drives me and what helps me go forwards through the shady days through the lemon days. Um, realizing that what I consider lemons, what I consider big drama, what gets me agitated and anxious and overwhelmed somewhere, that's what maybe consider a dream come true. So I try to not let my mind play tricks on me. That ought to keep one eye on the horizon. And I try to pay attention and practice detail, gratitude and build momentum based on what I feel. It's my calling. I also tried to surround myself with inspiring and supportive and empowering people. And I hope you do the same near the space between where you are now. Well, you want to be in spite you, Mama. Hey, Thank you. What? Well,

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